[Fic] Do Kreigers Dream of Irradiated Sheep?

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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:24 pm

After a Year of Contemplating How to Write Complex Story and Motives, I decided to Relaunch my Fic writing the Backstory for the 945th Krieg Regiment, with added Characters, Points of View and upscaling the picture in which the events played out on the Death World of Kreig, Culminating in the Regiment's Disgrace.

All Good? Here We Go!


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Johannes Wyss von Krieg
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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:35 pm

Chapter 1 - An Idea at the Drinking Table.

The Recuit slammed his body into the slab separating him from the hail of bullets originating from
a heavy stubber position his squad knew nothing about.
The Recruit reloaded his charge pack, tossed a smoke grenade into the probable location
of the enemy position and dashed closer across no-man's-land, as soon as he passed an
unmarked defensive threshold another concealed heavy stubber position tore into his flank,
with all the protection provided by the flak armour and environmentally sealed equipment
he was a dead man, if not from the multiple bullet holes decorating his vital organs then from
the ever-present radiation saturating the atmosphere for more than 600 years now penetrating into his tissue.
Another Day, Another Death, all Quiet on Kreig.

The Death World has been producing soldiers to the Imperial Guard in a steady rate ever since
rejoining the fold, the Gasmasks, Trench Coats and Artillery Barrages were ever present all over
the most hostile of combat conditions.
The Death Korps brought many Victories, though few of them above Pyrrhic.

The Planet's Uneven terrain of Dust and mud was dotted with the paraphernalia adorning a world during war:
Trenches, barb Wire, Artillery Emplacements and corpses - failed recruits for the Guard, their Numbers forgotten.
One Silhouette stood out taller than most: It was seen for great distances as a mound of darker
grey than the skies it aimed to Touch: The Closer the Observer reached the man-made nature of this mound was
becoming ever the more evident.
Steel and Ferrocrate constructed layer upon layer made a Hive City, a Rarity to see one above ground due to the
Inhospitable environment of the surface but in this case a necessity: Hive 05 "Nachtstadt"
held the Planetary Spaceport Platforms up high as if pleading the Imperium to accept the only offering this Planet could offer.


"Ever Thought about the Waste?" The man asked his Equally Intoxicated Colleague "What do you mean?" the other slowly replied.
Both Administratum Officials were enjoying the end of their shift in the precinct's bar, an uncommon privilege of those
off-worlders serving on Krieg due to the general distaste of living pleasures on the planet from one side and the natural import
of outside culture by the Starport from the other.

"Of our Shipments!" Karl explained, perhaps more loudly than usual. William was generally fond of their Drinking Sessions due to the rare bits of wisdom blurted out during Karl's Drunk Storytelling, otherwise it would still be a good laugh. This time it was neither.
"What are you Talking about? we keep the shipment numbers, even raised them to meet demand-"
"Exactly my Point!" Karl exclaimed "We need to RAISE new Regiments, the ones we always produce are not enough!" The man pointed with a finger at something in the air, as if trying to signal it but his erratic head bobbing covered his face with this unkempt grey hair.
"I still don't follow" William blinked and stated in a matter-of-factly "...demands raise and so is production"

"Wasteful Production. Look, consider the cost of raising an entire regiment on Krieg" to that William made some rough mental calculations to get an approximate picture of what Karl was driving at "Alright" "Now you need to move that Regiment to the Warzone, how much would that cost? Food, Fuel, Ammo for both the Regiment and the Ship, Right? Regiment goes to Battle, what is the Attrition Rate? 70%? That's a whole new Regiment we need to raise, train and Transport - All from scratch."

"That makes sense, Kreig Regiments are sent to the worst combat zones, naturally attrition is high." "That's the thing! Wouldn't it be better if the Original Batch was good enough to suffer less Attrition thus able to participate in the next campaign, reducing the costs of raising a new regiment? Have you ever seen them in Action? I didn't but I am certain that putting the idea of Death so deep into their heads they will seek it regardless of its actual worth."

"So what do you propose then?" William Asked to conclude the rant.
Karl deeply sighed, his enthusiasm and Energy spent "Just make Better Regiments."
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Johannes Wyss von Krieg
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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:31 pm

Chapter 2 - To Comb a Haystack.

"Colonel 468-Alpha-1, Nicknamed 'Attas', 468th Krieg Line Regiment, Siege of Vraks." Karl triumphantly called,
dropping a thick folder on the desk. William blinked "And that is?" "Oh, Only the only Bloody Colonel with Brains
on that miserable planet-wide siege!"
Karl practically shouted from excitement.

After nursing their brain-shattering Hangover, the duo decided to put their plan into action: It was an incredibly ambitious
plan that required them to actually study military affairs make cross-comparison of their implementation in about the
entirety of the History of Warfare Krieg regiments have offered the Imperium. First they started filling in their spare drawers
in the office, then their desks, then their habitation apartments, at the end through a considerable expense the pair jointly
rented a whole new apartment just to store their mounting hills of paperwork.
In this Base of Operations, Karl and William conducted their thankless and costly work for more than half a solar year already,
Shifting through paperwork upon paperwork, breaking more than a few Judicial Eggs in the process, grasping at ghosts of data
in an endless effort using exceptionally well preserved 7th hand supplies and furniture, the desk upon which Karl just slammed
a military study obtained by dubious means was among them.

William directed the cracked desk lamp over to the Document and skimmed through its details: it had accounts, testaments,
Investigatory work, and queries by other Imperial Guard Commanders, not those of the Krieg School of Thought.
Not much, but it was a good direction: Neither of the men actually attended military schooling to understand the more
complicated aspects of those studies but both were adepts at organisation and statistics as well something called
'Common Sense' which helped a lot when it comes to proving that the rumours about Krieg Death Korps acting incredibly
stupid would be an understatement.
Suicides just to make a point? Scouting by looking at which places the patrols returned least?
Lack of Defence in Depth? Levelling Archeotec Hive Cities to the Ground for Years? When the Regiment could find more
death at... any other front in the Sub-Sector.
Or that a single, little more flexible Regiment managed to break a Deadlock over 50 million shells dropped in 4 days by the entire
88th Siege Army could not?
Administratum Clerks could not understand much about Military Matters but such things had clear Budgetary Concerns.

"That is all well and good but we will need more evidence on the Contrary to have definitive proof" The pessimistic one remarked to which the mad one simply pointed with his thumb at the room to his back, sealed to avoid paper spillage.
"I think we have enough of that".
"Now to Organise it?"
"Now to Organise it and get some ears up from up high"
"Do you have Direction?" "Oh yes, Prefect Heinekel!"
Wiliam's Face lost it's megre Colour.


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