Lore of the Castor Lancers Regiments

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"For too long have these vermin stood against the Autokrator and the justice they are due. For too long have these traitors spurned their kin for the mysteries of the xeno. No longer! No longer will they continue in their iniquity! No longer will they stand against the children of Terra, the scions of Mars! In the name of the Omnissiah, let these filth know the wrath of the Autokrator! Enyalios!"
~ Tagmatarchis Neoptolemus of Argos Minoris, Battalion Commander, 22/366th "Double Deuces" Castor Lancers Regiment

The men and women of the regiments hail from a Forge World called Syene Meridius Proximi, in the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. The third of five planets orbiting an orange dwarf star, the world is so remote that the light of the Astronomican is a withered, fleeting pinprick. As such, what remained of the original Explorator Fleet had been converted into an orbital shipyard called the Iron Crown, itself a known destination for the Rogue Trader fleets the frequent the sector. The Forge World itself is capable of producing a large quantity of materiel, but no larger than Knight-class Titans. The Forge World's primary export is therefore centered around manpower. Both Guardsmen and Skitarii alike march from the Forge World. The reason is now obscured by corrosion, but it is assumed that the Explorator Fleet once contained elements of the Imperial Army, the rank-and-file assumed to have come from an old formation that swore fealty to the Emperor early in the Unification Wars. "Boeotia" is a name held in particular distinction.

The relationship between the priesthood and the Guard has resulted in the Skitarii Legions drawing its manpower primarily from experienced veterans of the Castor Lancers. The Guardsmen are therefore highly integrated yet distinct from their Skitarii counterparts. Additionally, the officers of the regiments are schooled and trained in the priesthood, with the ultimate destiny of rising into the ranks of the priesthood itself to become Magi themselves. It is an arrangement that has served well, providing Tech-priests with a wealth of martial prowess and years of service to the Imperium in the name of the Machine God and His Omnissiah. The Castor Lancers typically see deployments alongside their Mechanicus brethren for the sake of the Quest of Knowledge, though on occasion they are called to deploy to war-zones to bolster Imperial lines. As a result, and as a consequence of their battle doctrine, they typically deploy as Line Infantry or Hunter-Killers. Their culture, developing separate from the Low Gothic culture of the Imperium, often seems out of place in battle; exhorting each other with battle cries, binharic hymns and a repetitive chanting as they call upon the Emperor in his aspect of war. As opposed to standard doctrine, Castor Lancer Regiments specialize by type on the battalion level, allowing for greater flexibility according to the needs of battle: while the Line Battalions stand firm, Mechanized Batallions flank like cavalry with Rough Riders and Devil Dogs, and Artillery Battalions pound the enemy to oblivion with Bombards and Minotaurs. Flamboyant in uniform, boisterous in their slogans, the troopers of the Castor Lancers are a cultural throwback to techno-barbarism while embracing the bleeding edge of Imperial technology.

A typical Company Command Squad

Seen here beside the Company Commander are his Standard Bearer, Vox Caster, and two Snipers. The Commander has been tapped for initiation into the ranks of the Tech-Priests, and will likely enter the priesthood in a few more years.

A Knight and his Escort

The Knights of Taranis tithed a portion of their strength to the Explorator Fleet that was deemed lost for almost a thousand years. Upon being reunited with the rest of the Imperium, the Taranis Knights of Syene Meridius Proximi and the reformed House Taranis of Mars were so divergent that the two decided to remain separate, two brother Houses of the same creed. Featured here is a veteran Sergeant of the Castor Lancers, wearing the helmet of a Weapon Specialist.

Two Sergeants (Lochias) of the Castor Lancers (WIP)

These Sergeants are typically armed, and equipped in the full regalia of a Castor Lancers Guardsman.
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