History and Lore of Cordania Prime and its People

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[I am really... really iffy on even on posting this since I still need a lot of work to finish this little personal project of mine to at the very least. Make some of my fan writing to fit in with the 40k universe. So I am open for any open criticism or things I need to know. And I know.... I know... there are a sh*t load grammar errors... I do not have the time or money to buy an annual Grammarly membership to fix this.]

Cordania Prime and its regiments Belong to me.
Warhammer 40k and the rest, belong to Games Workshop ©

And big thanks to the Editor Writer and Lore experts from my pals from THoA.

The Brief Early History of Cordania Prime
A lot of history has been lost of Cordania's Origins and its discovery by humanity during the Dark Age of Technology. But it theorized that it was a lifeless world when it was discovered but with humanity at its peak of technology advancement. That they have terraformed the planet, giving it life to the world and massive amounts its rainwater from the process made its massive oceans. But Most of the citizens and its Imperium accepted that the Planet was already lush of life when it was first founded but they can not explain the reasoning of why all it continents, plant life, and wildlife are so similar to that of Pre-Imperium of Earth. But any case there are some Xeno's artifacts that gave some insight into the history of the planet and with really ancient ruins that pre-date before humanity that detailed a Xeno race known as the Slann or even the Old Ones themselves. But the records and history of these found ruins have been locked off from the public from the Inquisition. More specific, by the Ordo Originatus and the Ordo Xenos.

But there are artifacts from humanity during the Dark Age of Technology that give an insight of the way of life before the Age of Strife. Some of the artifacts are of clothing, old journals, old detailed documents, old records, but the most interesting artifact of all of them is a very old preserved flag that was found in the old vaults of the ruins of the old world. The detail of the Flag states that it bears stars and stripes, and the colors of red, white, and blue. Which many believed that this was a flag of the United Federation government during the Dark Age of Technology, but further research tells that it was one of many flags of the nations under the Federation. So their actual flag United Federation is still a mystery. But this old world flag soon became the inspiration for its own planetary flag and Cordania's Imperial Guard Regiments.

The Planet Classification And Benefits to the Imperium
For the Old detailed records that are found that the planet was always a farming and architecture world, but it was mostly used for research and development for military research which still going on during the 41st Millennium which helps greatly for the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Imperial Guard, and the Imperial Navy. This also one of some of the most protected planets of the Imperium for their Military research and there really well-trained soldiers for the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy. There is seven livable planet but the most noted of these seven planets are Pluteus IV (Industrial World) and Manis (Forge World) where most of the manufacturing and Industry, where most of the making of package food, military munitions, and ships are made. For its materials, that is needed for this taken from the Planet Titanus VIII, the astound belts, and the dwarf planets in Cordania's System. The planet of Cordania Prime itself is rich with life and material. But most of its materials dedicated for use for its citizens and the farming equipment themselves.

As stated before, most of the Cordania's donations to the Imperium is there of a large quantity of food and their well-trained soldiers to the Imperium's Armies. The Classification for Cordania Prime is up for debate as it does not have a low population like other Agri-Worlds as it has the population of 21 - 31 Billion people as the planet itself is 3 times larger than Terra. But the population is maybe a lot higher on the planet as most its military is drawn from the planets of its system and the PDF bases on the planet will like to keep its numbers of personal Classified from the public. But it could be Classified as a Civilized World for some of its large cities around the planet. But this could be Classified as a Garden World as large pieces of true beautiful lands near of its own equator were many of the Imperium wealthy, will love to purchase some of these lands to build and live on their estates. But some like to call it a Fortress world as the planet has three very large and major military fortresses around the planets, and 50 to 60 percent of its own population are in service of the Astra Militarum but as mention earlier that could be way higher. For these military fortresses are as large as Hive Cities but theses are largely used for recruitment, research & development, construction shipyards, and Planetary Defence & Security. None of the less, none can be denied that Cordania Prime it's one of rarest gems of the Milky Way Galaxy and to the Imperium.

As the location of the planet, it is in the Segmentum Solar in the Honesta Exercitus Sector. In Sub-Sector Bellicus. As the Cordania’s System supports the Defense and Security of the subsector. But also the untold numbers of men and women of the Astra Militarum that serve and defend Humanity from the many wars from the vile horrors that are in the Galaxy. They are also one many that help in the defense the Segmentum Solar and Terra itself at its Borders. And from there own Military, they are considered one of the most well trained armed forces in the Imperium. As they reveal of that of Cadia and Krieg of their armed forces.

Earliest known History and of its People
Now for Cordania's people, They are very strong and honorable people. The main things that its people hold up above all less are Honor, loyalty, equality, justice, and freedom of speech above all else. The people at a very strong dislike to any type of corruption as they see it as the huge reason as the fall of humanity's fall from their golden age of technology and the fall of the old world. There was recorded events near the end of the golden age of technology after the men of iron nearly ended humanity on it a large scale civil war against their own war machines. And during the time period, a lot of psykers started to become very rampant around the Federation. But the psykers that Cordania Prime has to deal with, are becoming crazy serial killers all around their planet. Killing innocents in such brutal ways. This did not help that the federation governor himself gave all of the psykers of the planet democratic immunity from their crimes. This cause the inter-planet in an uproar and riots started all around the planet. This was when society began to break down around the planet. This was recorded as one of the darkest days of the Planet's earliest history. This is when federation governor ordered a full material law around the planet, making secret police. He orders to take and forcing people out there homes for simply speaking out on him. This a large planetary civil war which 50% of the population were killed by the many years of war. It ended when most of the civilians and military personnel manage successfully to bring down his regime and to finally repair the damage from this and the men of iron. But they soon discovered that he was a psyker himself. It took a dozen of them to subdue him and cutting off his hands to able to bring him to justice. Before that put him to death by public hanging. He shouts out these words. "Do you think that is the end?! Ha... this is only the beginning, they will soon come. And all of you will be on your knees to them!!!" Then this when the planet was put into full planetary wide witch hunt and purge of all psykers and loyal governor personal.

The Beginning of the Age of Strife
When things started to settle down rebuilding was in order, the age of Strife begun. Then this was the final nail in the coffin for the united federation government body and this was beginning of the fall old world society. Much of the records have been fully lost or unrecorded during the 25th and 30th Millennium AD do the sheer chaos of the age of darkness that was made in that time period. The only known history during this time period found in the old world ruins from many different sources of information around the planet. However... most of this history are under the regulation from the Inquisition of the Ordo Originatus. But information that is known and allowed is that during this time period was in the chaos of the planet. the last remaining military forces have finally put order back into place, it was bloody at first. But one voice of a general that is every respected and loved by population, manage to put remaining of the Cordania's people to work together and rebuild the only things that they have left during this age. They now beginning to make a reform of democracy without the federation regulations and start making new rules but keeping the very values that the Cordania's people hold most dear. They also made rules to make sure that they will not make the same mistakes that Terra did.

The first recorded outside contact during the Age of Strife. The Adeptus Mechanicus have rediscovered the planet and found it stable with life and civilized humans on the planet. At first... they deemed that the Mechanicus were hostile alien life and ready to attack the planet. But after messages have been sent over to the people below. Telling them off their intentions and where they were from. There was a disbelief of this, but after opening communications to the main leading Mechanicus ship. After some talks to the Mechanicus. They let them in with open arms as if they were old neighbors before. They had negotiations with the Mechanicus they build some small bases around Cordania and they can build a Forge World on Manis and establish a connection if they are any Survivors on the planet. But as the Records of that time with the Mechanicus say that planet's population have largely died off or just disappeared off the face of the planet. These are theorized that the Dark Eldar is the most likely cause of the of those who disappeared off the planet and its cities. But those who have died off, it's most likely that during the warp storms that cut off the most of the system and the galaxy. The planet fell into chaos which killed off most of the planet's occupants. But most of the forge and factory faculties are mostly intact and found valuable STC constructs for them to rebuild what's lost from the Golden Age of Tech. But after many years later, the system came under siege by the Dark Elder, the documentation of this time period says that this siege war lasted for 70 years before its rediscovery and system liberation.

Its Rediscovery by the Imperium of Man
Now the Age of Strife has finally ended and the Great Crusade has begun. During these early years of this era, the planet was finally rediscovered by the rest of the Imperium of Mankind by the Legio Astartes of the Blood Angels, Raven Guard, and the Salamanders. As they can see from orbit, they can see a beautiful Blue and Green gem of a planet, they see that the humans survived the many millennia during the Age of Strife. They also see that one the Mechanicus scouting fleets survived their expiration and are working alongside with the Cordanians at Manis where they see that they see the world trying to rebuild their civilization from the dark age of technology on the planet. But they see that a hostile Xeno race of the Dark Elder is at war with the Cordanians. But its people manage to hold off the majority of the Dark Elder for a very long time. And gotten very good at fighting them, counter-attacking their ambushes and got very good at killing them. But there is so much they could do to fight a much more powerful enemy and only manage to hold them off for so long. But after the of the arrival of Legio Astartes and the Imperial Army, they manage to liberate the system from the vile Dark Eldar. But not before there, legions stated their intentions, where they are from, and their great mission. The Cordanian People greatly vowed to serve Imperium of Man. But not before they asked that they must speak with the Emperor himself. So the Legio Astartes let them speak to the Emperor himself. The discussions that went on in the Cordania's House of System Representatives are a mystery. As to what went on those 5 days of discussions, was not allowed to be publicly documented and later censored completely from everyone by the order of the Inquisition. Only the high authority of the system is allowed to know.

But what is allowed to be known is that the Cordania's Treaties and Vows were signed then stamped by the Emperor himself. Most of these Treaties and Vows are still in effect to this day in the 41st millennium. Even if this came into conflict later after the Horus Heresy from the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy. The Treaties and Vows that are signed say that the people of the Cordanian System are allowed to keep their system of government and to keep the values of freedom of speech and choice above all else. In an exchange that the must get rid of all religions (Except the Cult Mechanicus on Manis and the system) and must learn and follow the Imperial Truth. They are also will able maintain and manage their own capital planet as they see fit. As the Cordania's people well like to keep most of the planet natural beauty as it was of Earth before the age of Strife. But they also have to give half of the materials of the System to the Imperium and vow that their men & women at arms must be put into the Imperial Army. Later rename and reorganized into the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy after the Horus Heresy.

During the Horus Heresy, some Cordanians Regiments, later on, Joined Horus cause and almost made a successful coup happen on Cordania Prime. But thanks to some of the Surviving Raven Guard Legion. They manage to contain and put down the coup before it could take hold of the system. But after the Battle of Terra and the end the Horus Heresy. The Cordanians felt responsible for some of their own people played a part in the Civil War. So they want to make the redemption by donating their Military to help and bring the Imperium back into order and aid the Ultramarines in this. After 7 long years, putting order back into the Imperium, Guillamen of the Ultramarines wrote the Codex Astartes which splits up the Space Marine Legions into Chapters. And to separate the Imperial Army into the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy. It also dictates that no chapter should have complete command or have personal regiments of the Imperial Guard or the Imperial Navy.

To this day, Cordania's Regiments hold an honor bond emblems on their Armor which the 501st will hold the emblem of the Raven Guard to their most rewarded and high ranking officers. For the 501st was one of many Regiments that was under command of Corvus Corax of the Raven Guard during the Great Crusade. This also goes for the 182nd that have the emblem of the Blood Drop that served Sanguinius of the Blood Angels. And the 111th that have the emblem of the Salamander head that served Vulkan of the Salamanders. And finally, the 412th that have the blue trim their shoulder pads and the emblem of Omega as they served Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines and was one of Cordanian's regiments to help bring order back after the Horus heresy. These traditions are still being held today and the 41st millennium.

The Age of Apostasy
During the early years of the Reign of Blood, when the tensions between the Ecclesiarchy and the Senatorum Imperialis were growing high. When the Ecclesiarchy was rapidly spreading their influence and power across the Imperium. But Cordania Prime was lucky was left out most of this conflict as it will be real too troublesome for them to even control or gain from them, this is due to the planet's own income but its most importances to the Imperium for their military strength and source of great STCs for the Imperial Guard. The news and knowledge from other parts of Imperium as they deemed not worthy of being known or to cause problems with its civilian population and not cause the churches to keep being civil. Even if they have signed the treaties for not to treat the Emperor as a god, they later will keep small churches after the Horus Heresy. They need to have a new beacon of hope after the dark times of civil war which did help greatly for the some of the civilian population. But they have been a minor part of the system and not getting a government seat, they also must keep teaching the Imperial truth but they can excuse of these teachings if they wish to. So they can also keep minor parts of the populations happy. But in the Early 36th millennium, the Cordanian system came under threat by the Ecclesiarchy under the Leadership of Goge Vandire, as he came to planet in order to further spread their beliefs of the Emperor and order them that every citizen must follow the dictates of the Lectitio Divinitatus and that not a single citizen have a choice of rather they liked it or not now. They also must completely stop the use of the Imperial Truth and the Treaties and Vows that were signed 6 millennia ago, must be destroyed and forgotten. These Greatly angered the Cordanians as they hold on a great honor and freedoms of choice for their citizens, individual values, and their signed treaties greatly. Later Vandire begins to threaten the system of heresy and to bring the might of the Imperium upon them. He has threatened to issue exterminatus for heresy, this put the Cordanians in disbelief that they will go so far as to destroy one of the most valuable planets of the Imperium. That's when Vandire ordered his fleet to be ready for orbital bombardment on the planet. This Forces the System Representatives to dishonor their word and give in the demands of the high lords demands. This greatly angered the Cordania's citizens and blame their system of government for allowing this to happen taking way their choice if they wanted to follow the Lectitio Divinitatus or not. None of the less, they have put a full planetary martial law into their own citizens for the first time after the Horus Heresy.

In later years, now most of the population came to accept the dictates of the God-Emperor of Mankind. But Goge Vandire Felt that they have not been fully given in to his demands that he wanted so many years ago. He also greatly feared that the Cordanian system will soon revolt against him as many have already. So he sent one of this most royal of his Ecclesiarch representatives to the system, also bodyguards of the Brides of the Emperor to protect him, and their own enforcement of secret police to the planet. This greatly angered the Cordanian system for going against the treaties that were signed and the final straw was when they were forcing their citizens out of their homes for being accused of being heretics. Going so far as to do public execution, burning their houses, and doing massive burning execution at protesters. This was when the system had enough and started to revolt against Goge Vandire rule. By starting at fighting against the secret police of their own system. Then by capturing the Ecclesiarch reparative to be publicly executed him by being slowly burned alive in the process. As they see that he needed for an eye for an eye for what for what he did to their people. However, this brought fear to the system as they just revolt against the imperium and that the High Lord of Terra will soon bring the might of the Imperium for this, but it never came. Instead, they were contacted by several fleets of Sebastian Thor's rebels and several chapters of Adeptus Astartes. They were told about the situation and that they are also rebelling against Vandire rule. The System greatly vowed to help bring down Vandire rule and bring him to justice for what he is doing the Imperium. This interstellar civil war finally ends with the death Goge Vandire by the hand of one of his own personal bodyguard and leader of the Brides of the Emperor (Alicia Dominica) by beheading him in front of everyone, finally ending the Reign of Blood. But not before saying his infamous last words "I don't have time to die... I'm too busy!" before he was beheaded by a power sword. Even though that his regime has finally ended. The damage was already been done. Now the Imperial Truth that the Emperor himself made has all been gone and forgotten and that now very imperial citizen is now under the doctrine of the Lectitio Divinitatus. As this was maybe Vandire's vision for the Imperium of Man. To this day... the Cordanians never truly forgiven the Ecclesiarch for allowing a manic to take so much control of the imperial government and to dishonor and humiliate them for the treaties and vows that they have signed so long ago. Then to kill and subjugate so many of their civilians of their system. But later on, in the long years of the Age of Apostasy, many of the regiments that are fighting along side of the Sister of Battle are becoming really close allies with and greatly value them.

Relations with the Rest of the Imperium
As it stands they are one of very few democracy like government systems that are in the imperium. As it sees as Heresy to many, keep in mind that they have their Treaties and Vows were signed and stamped by the Emperor himself. Which the Inquisition come to blows with Cordanians. So they remind them and show them that Emperor himself indeed signed the treaties as proof. They also remind them that Cordania Prime is one of most heavily defined systems near the borders of the Segmentum Solar which helps protects Terra from any Hostile threats to the Imperium before they even get close to Terra. Also that matter of fact they already gave up so much to join the Imperium through the past 10 thousand years. They have also shown so much that time and time again that they are still loyal to Emperor in many battles. That they see him as the very values that they hold most dear. They are also one of Major Imperial systems that supply men and women to the Astra Militarum along with Krieg and Cadia.

Now as for relations with some of Abhumans or Sub-humans, the Cordanians have strong ties with squats. As they develop strong trade routes together with the squat houses they do trades with. The house the houses they mainly do trade with, withhold many of the values that the Cordanians do. One of the many skill that Squats have that Cordanian's like is their arts and craftsmanship. Which simple paintings to craftsmanship with armor, weapons, and even jewelry. With these skills, Cordania prime has given them residents to live on the planet alongside their people. But during the first Tyranids invasions into the Milky Way Galaxy, the squats home systems were one of the first to be devoured by the hive fleets. This put the squats to near extinction, the only ones that survived are outside their home systems and are living on other planets. When the news broke out to the rest of the Imperium. The Squats vowed to take vengeance at the Tyranids in any way they can at the Xeno race. The Cordanian Military will greatly keep having them in their regiments. But they must have hairs and children so that their bloodlines survive and to make sure that their race does not go to extinction.

As other Abhumans like the Ogryns and the Ratlings. The Ogryns are greatly needed to any Imperial Guard regiment. But one of the Cordanian regiments is the 182nd, which greatly value them, for they are strong and tough melee fighters that the 182nd have been known for in the System. But the Ogryns (any other abhumans in general) strictly place at military installations. As for the Ratlings, Cordanians have been getting way too many problems from them in their regiments. One example is the 501st that lost an important strategic position when their food storage, a lot of other supplies went missing and a Baneblade has been reported as stolen late in the night when the tank crew was performing repairs on it. Then when the Orks attack they were forced to retreat because of this. When they no longer have their big gun to hold off the Ork Waaagh. This does not help that the Baneblade was found in the hands of the Orks being used against the regiment. The Squats and the Cordanians are greatly angered by this and blame the Ratlings for having been nothing but trouble since they were first drafted to the regiment. This does not help that their anger was justified when investigations found the missing supplies off of one of the Ratlings. They were soon interrogated by one of the regiment's Commissars and got the confessions out of Ratling's squad that they were, in fact, the ones responsible for the stolen supplies and stealing the Baneblade for a drunk joyride. The Commissar has soon sent the Ratling squad to execution by firing squad to make an example of to the rest of the Ratling squads to ever steal Militarum property. To this day the 501st refuses to work alongside them unless they absurdly need too and there is a Commissar present at all times with the Ratling squads. As relations to the Adeptus Astartes, The Cordanians do allow the Astartes Chapters to secretly recruit from their worlds. As they see the Space Marines as Angels of Justice and there Liberators from the Dark Eldar. But the Chapters that is allowed to recruit from their system, are mainly the first founding chapters that help liberated their system 10 millennia ago.
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