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Ferrum honore veniat.

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"By all means. I'm sure the Quartermaster will be able to guide you to a suitable mount from the available stock. That will be all. You are dismissed."

"Thank you Herr Commissar."

Wulfgar turned sharply and strode from the room. Requisitioning a lance wouldn't take too long, picking a mount would take a bit longer though as he would have to find one of correct temperament. it too him a few minutes before he arrived at the armory and waited a short time till he could be seen. Once he was at the counter, it took several minutes before the servitor returned with his lance and the gear that had been lost during the evacuation of his last mission.

Once he had signed for the equipment issue, he left the armor and went in search of his barracks and stored the gear there before heading to acquire a mount.

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It is said you can always trust the dishonest to be dishonest, it's the upstanding ones that needed to be closely examined for no one knows when they might commit something cunning.

The timetable of Death Korps Operations is not exactly malleable, though due to its status as the ones who were kept out of sight and out of mind, the 9453rd Company operated on some sort of a long leash, they remain busy and fulfilled High Command's objectives, and the 554th has nothing to comment about.

Some of High Command's objectives are not strictly for kriegers to complete, the majority of are manning posts and patrols are shifts those of Krieg are just more accustomed to be longer.
He went to Captain Perray first, then to Urdunt, and so forth and so forth, painstakingly swapping each shift under Anya's nose with those of his own men: Gate 93 expected to be relieved by Cadians but got Kriegers instead, Armoury 5 didn't expect the gas huffers either but here they are.
Such manoeuvres are not uncommon in the guard just their instigator, which while admittedly suspicious could fill up quotas twice as much as any other regiment type, one would think those Kriegers barely sleep, the terrifying truth is much closer than an ignorant mind might imagine.
One by one, each and every single member of the 9453/554th Death Korps Company had his timetable vacated on a single day. It was Daunting, long, and even raised fatigue problems, But it needed to be done: necessary even, for the sake of the dead.

"Muster & Drill Practice" was the purpose to which the 9453rd Company requisitioned the open grounds in the compound, neatly cordoned off and placed as somewhat of a side attraction much unlike the rest of the Imperial Guard Regiments who take pride in their colours, for Kriegers only know shame.

Zugformationen, vormarsch! (Kriegschprache: "Platoon Formations, March!")
One after the other, Death Korps Platoons in Parade formations goose-stepped into the square and took their places at positions surrounding the centre, gradually filling it in. A keen eye would notice the number of Platoons is higher than the one listed in the Company's Records, where have these additional Kriegers come from? That's only shared between #9453/1-101 and Senior Commissar Holt, at least for now.
The Podium which they were facing was elevated with steps to the sides, there was a gap between the podium and the assembled Company, left on purpose.

"Kompanieführung empfangen, Ach-TUNG!" ("To receive Company Command, Atten-SHUN!")
more than 200 pairs of ceramite reinforced boots shook the ground in unison.
The Officers of the Company and their Staff entered the square, those of the elevated stature among in a notable exception were also the Company Flagbearer, Company Quartermaster, rose to the podium while those of lesser rank stood at its base, facing the assembled.

"Achte Kompanie, Vormarsch!"
("8th Company, March!")


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Postby Violence.EXE » Tue May 07, 2019 3:53 pm

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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Wed May 08, 2019 6:27 pm

The central unit among the Company leadership called.
"Rührt euch!"
("At Ease")
In precise drill the feet shook the ground again.
"Achte Kompanie führer, treten Sie auf das Podest!"
("8th Company Leader, Step Forth to the Pedestal!")

Hauptmann #9453/1-101 looked somewhat different than his usual more practical attire: His Greatcoat was open, revealing the shining breastplate underneath crossed over with a crimson sash rarely seen worn. His Helmet, usually smooth, was adorned with the golden eagle commonly seen on the attire of the more orthodox Krieg Captains on the field while here its importance was saved for ceremony.

"Einheit, Identifizieren Sie sich."
("Unit, Identify yourself.")
The Captain ordered, both knew and have met each other when the remnants first arrived, however this event is for neither of them - but for the sake of the Regiment.


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[[Violence.EXE left the Forum's Discord Server and doesn't answer to PMs made both in Discord and The Forum. T9 provide a closure and free up the DKHQ thread I have made this post to end the scene.]]

It was a long report, told in great detail and held nothing back, a Will and Last Testament of the 8th Engineer Company.

It was made up entirely out of engineers as result of the garbled mess that was the shattering of the 945th, reduced by brutal conflict to less than scraps that the Munitorum couldn't even bother with directly transporting, instead issuing them travel passports to travel the unstable currents of the warp and even less stable Imperial Commerce all the way here.

They carried the Black Book, now heavy with numbers including of the Quartermaster charged to protect it. Heavier than that was a torn poice of fabric -the reason this meagre force didn't die with the rest of their brethren. One day it will rejoin its siblings, if not in the 3rd company then the 1st, the 2nd, the 4th, until the regiment is remade whole.

The solemn event ended, the 8th Company is no more. All personnel have left the square.

[[Scene Concluded.]]


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