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Postby Aishachan » Thu May 24, 2018 12:47 am

Makarov glanced over at Yorke and Luca as Wittman turned his attention to them. Their entrance had been more notable than the others, to be sure, but that wasn't her problem at the moment. Instead she was focused on the group in front of her. She flicked to each sheet as the corresponding participant spoke, glancing over them. She'd already read them over before the event had started, so it allowed her to pay more attention to who was and wasn't attentive and listening.

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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Thu May 24, 2018 4:19 am

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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Thu May 24, 2018 4:07 pm

Silently and Calmly the Krieg Hauptmann observed over the Descriptions before with Sure and Measured Paces he took a place to their side

"Unit #9453/1-101, Shortened #1-101. 9453/554th Company. Origin: 945th Krieg Storm Infantry.
Specialisation: Siege Infiltration.
Terrain: All.
Composition: Heavy Infantry, Engineers, Cavalry, Scout Components, Light Artillery. Most Roles interchangeable depending on Combat Demands.

Original Regimental Doctrine: Force Infiltrates into enemy territory, estimates Enemy Strength, Rapidly Fortifies Forward Positions, Holds until arrival of Heavier Regiments, Repeat. In Direct Engagement, if Positions Strategically Valuable, Holds until Termination; if positions deemed negligible, retreats and regroups. In Reserve depending on Conditions, Reinforces, Attacks Flanks or Engages in Guerrilla Warfare"

Advantages: Mass Infiltration and Isolated Hostile flanks Targeting ensure lack of heavy enemy reinforcements. Low Speed ensures staying within reach of logistics, Coordinated Manoeuvres and increased Supply Capacity, Little Reliance on Logistics Due to self-sustainable ammo. Good Coordination with all Regiment Types. Best Coordination with Mobile Forces that require Stabler Support.

Disadvantages: Lack of Regimental Transport disallows Quick Redeployment, Lack of Heavy Artillery and Armour prevents Direct Offensives.

Summary: Not Exceptional in any other field. Highly Disciplined, Adaptable and Cooperative Force."

He concluded his explanation.


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Postby Hobbsy » Sat May 26, 2018 5:06 am

As everyone was summoned back to the table, Chrisov could only feel a sense of relief. The conversation his unleashed curiosity had lead him into was on a fast track to becoming rather awkward. But his short lived respite was quickly overshadowed my his nervousness around this whole exercise. He was more use to dealing with the other officers through paper work, but now he had to describe the Vostroyan firstborn in person to the officers who he had barely met.

As the other higher ranking officers introduced themselves and their forces, the second lieutenant made mental notes of the important details of each regiment. It seems the regiments varied between the light and fast sorts and the heavy sorts which would hold their ground. Soon he would have to explain the forces he was representing, though he could only wish his adjutant Vastratta was here to help him think of what to say. Not only would it have help him to focus more on the task with her dealing with the paperwork, but she would be easily able to give a proper depiction of their regiment with her bottomless passion for the firstborn. But Emperor bless her, she had again overworked herself and had fallen I'll from the exhortation. He couldn't bring himself to wake her for this, she need the rest. It was at this point that Smolenski realized that no one was talking now. Had they moved on from the introductions? Raising his head he also realized that everyone was looking at him.


Smolenski, now aware that it was indeed his turn, clear his throat as he step forward. It would seem Wittmann wasn't the only one in need of some recaff.

"Well, as I stated earlier I am Chrisov Smolenski of the Vostroyan 34th." Chrisov started, trying to hide his nerves. "For those of you who do not know our history, we have a debt which own to the Emperor. Some would look down on us for the sins of our fathers, but rest assured that we are soldiers who will stand with you to the very end. We have been fighting for countless generations andare well armed and properly drill in the doctrines of our ancestors. We excel in city fighting, clearing ground and driving back the enemies of mankind in our advances. The 34th is manly an infantry regiment, but we have the support elements and weaponry to aid us in any given task. Our weaknesses are speed and stealth though. We achieve our goals and times, but it still takes time to properly clear a position and when we advance, we make our presence known. Also we lack the transports to achieve a hasty redeployment. In summary, we will achieve whatever is ask of us."

With this the 2nd lieutenant step back, hope that his words gave a good depiction and that he did his regiment justice.

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Postby Commissar Cat » Wed May 30, 2018 4:48 pm

Cat tapped a finger to his lips in thought, partly to stop the immediate, flippant response from pouring out.
"I abused the assumption most people have of my inability to function with decorum in a formal setting. It was intended to assist Luca's cover for whatever purpose he had in the room." he replied, honestly, with a surprising amount of self awareness, "If people believed he was here at my behest, nobody would query his observations."

Yorke turned his head and regarded the Lucifer Black, placing his arm around Luca's shoulders, "Unfortunately chuckles here promptly shat on that method by immediately explaining to everyone and anyone, why he was in attendance."

Leaning the side of his head against Luca's Cat sighed, "I guess they don't exactly teach the art of total bewilderment in the walls of High Terra." pulling the young man closer, and planting a warm kiss on Luca's cheek, he beamed, "It's okay lad, I'll teach you."

Releasing Astoria to his spontaneous combustion, having burned out the poor guardsman's brain for a moment, Cat folded his arms neatly behind his back and stood straight-faced, speaking directly to Wittman, quietly "Got to maintain one's reputation somehow. And mine is of flamboyance and willingness to listen. The old adage about flies, honey and vinegar." looking down, he dusted a ginger hair from his lapel, before returning his hands behind his back, the brief insight into quite how self aware Yorke was, now at an end.
He clearly knew whatever scorn he gathered was earned, and weathered it without resentment.

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Postby Archer » Thu May 31, 2018 12:09 pm

Luca frowned a little. "I felt it's only right, to be honest with superiors Commissar." He spoke looking at Cat a little wary of the Commissar as he got close. "I ask officers to trust me with their lives so I should let them know the truth," Luca added between Cat's comments looking a little disappointed.

And then he felt it, a kiss on his cheek right after they had been called to speak to the man in charge. Half the officers in the room were watching out of the corner of their eyes, and Commissar Cat had done it again. His face became the same shade as his hair as he shut eyes shut praying for the emperor to just make him vanish.

Luca opened his eyes, sounds were all just humming trying to calm himself his heart beating stupidly fast from all the embarrassment as he fought the urge to fall over. He clung to his datapad and then promptly buried his face in making several notes about Commissar Cat and his... Strange and flippant behavior focusing on that and not on the steam pouring from his ears.

The young Terran had been prepared for war, he'd seen terrible things, and done a few two... But kisses from someone one he just met and commanding officer at that, nothing prepared him for that.

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