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Postby SilverRuby » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:32 pm

Vayne twirled the sword in his hand as he listened, getting a feel for the weight of the weapon. It was heavier than a rapier or sabre that he was used to. The stance that Croaker instructed them with wasn't too unfamiliar to him, with his background in fencing. He shifted as bade, staring over his shield at Luca as the other was equally moved around and positioned.

For what it was worth, the sword and shield stance was familiar enough to fencing that the young Noble wasn't worried.

"Alright, Terran, let's see what you have for me," Cassius taunted the other, a slight twinkle of challenge to his eye. There wasn't much fuss for the drill, they were all tired, and this seemed like a bit of good fun... And a bit of revenge for his humiliation in the tent that had caused their whole participation in the Katavarian drills. Not that he didn't feel guilty, but a small mote of him wanted to get back at Luca. Vayne knew he could handle a sword well enough to have confidence- something different from the doubt that had shrouded him when it came to grappling.

He swung the sword again slightly in a fancier flourish, sizing up Luca to find an opening, his shield held up as instructed.

Despite the lessons in specific footwork, Vayne himself knew what he could do, and for once, struck first.

"En garde!" He sidestepped, leading Luca for a half-step before he shifted his weight and thrust his blade out at the other.

[[Rolling Quick to get a stab in.
Alric4499 rolls 4u1+2 = 5 to hit, roll off to see if Luca counters or avoids.]]

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Postby Archer » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:03 pm

Luca hefted the shield, giving it a few experimental thrusts. "Heavier than a riot shield." He grumbled as took up position being bulkier he lifted the shield into the idle position with ease as twirling the sword as he gave it a few swings before taking up the read stance familiar with the footwork at least. "Hmmm, more reach than a long knife better weight to it..."

Shifting himself to give space. "When I make sergeant I'll have a sword of my own. Best get practice now." He paused looking at Vayne, his footwork was quite good, he was curious what kind of training the young man had, Luca had little practice with swordplay, though he figured the same principals as knives applied just add more reach and weight. He considering offering to make a bet if the loser would buy drinks after this.

Of course, while Luca had to adjust to both items it seemed Vayne was quite comfortable he didn't expect Vayne to make the first move his own lack of experience coupled with being caught off guard by the formerly more cautious fighter. Luca backpedaled trying to thrust his shield forward to parry Vayne's attack while came at Vayne with a heavy overhead strike, however, Vayne's speed was greater and the blade easily moved around the shield to strike him.

Luca had decided to focus on a strike at the shoulder, the armor would weak the blow but it training kick in and it told him to weaken the enemy by attack the limbs. If he could slow Vayne down he might actually have a chance, for the moment Luca's own swordsmanship lacked as he was having to try and translate his own training on the fly.

(( Luca rolls to block, Forceful.))

((Luca goes for a forceful strike in return.))

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