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Postby SilverRuby » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:49 pm

Located near the courtyard where many of the Guardsmen frequent by, is an unassuming board that has been assembled for all to use, shielded by a small awning to prevent its posted contents from becoming weather-worn too quickly. Its surface is covered with a thin layer of pock-marked cork board, and there are several unused tacks stuck in the wooden frame. But over time, it seems as though many of the available push-pins have simply disappeared. One may make the assumption that they would eventually have to produce their own staples or pins, given the meagre supply provided.

Along the top of the Bulletin board are shoddily carved letters, spelling out BULLET-IN BOARD. Some practical joker seemed to think that it would be funny to jam a single bolt round in between the letters to highlight 'bullet'-'in'.

As you approach the board, there are already several notices and flyers attached to its surface, ranging from memos to social gatherings to maintenance work schedules. While individual buildings had their own flyers posted, it would seem that the Courtyard Bullet-in Board accumulated base-wide announcements. It would appear that the board is self maintained by the Guard community, and the pickings are curated by one another.


[[Welcome to the Courtyard Bulletin Board; Feel free to post listings here for other Guardsmen to pick up or answer! All kinds of listings are allowed from bounties, personal listings, requests and announcements, to anything else you can find relevant to what you'd put on a notice board. As this is a PG-13 rated board, please exercise some discretion. Please try to keep OOC to a minimum, as this is an IC setting.]]

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Postby Hobbsy » Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:12 pm

There is a familiar rumble as a servo hauler parked up near the notice board. The distinctively tall form of Paxton Moroz finished his prayer of rest and stepped off Rata. Approaching the board, he removed his driving gloves and and reached into the satchel at his side. He took a brief look at the present notices to see if there was anything New and of interest, but finding nothing of much importance the corporal returned his attention to the satchel. The Valhallan produced a couple of papers from a favoured writer around based titled 'the love letter'. Paxton had finished reading this issue and knew that many had miss out due to how fast the papers were snatched up. It was only fear that he shared his issue with those who would desire a good read. And so, with one last skim through the issue he pinned it up with one of the remaining pins on the board.

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