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Postby Archer » Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:54 pm

Standing along the edge of the base was a small wooden shack stood, beside it piles of firewood. Carefully constructed and built to smoke meats hung from the hooks inside. Outside of it a table for skinning and preparing cuts meat sat blood stained yet cleaned and ready for a new kill. Beside the hut was a fire pit that vented the smoke into the smokehouse to cure the meat. Any extra meat was sent over to the kitchens to be cooked into meals for soldiers on the base.

Outside of this hut waited Lieutenant Hood, Carolyne had arrived earlier that morning alongside Abigail they had added on a small portion a handful of stub rifles were laid out Carolyne was testing the sights as Abigail laid out ammunition. Nearby was posted a sign, To all Guardsman! Recently meat rations have been low on base, as such Lieutenant Hood and her aide will be allowing off-duty guardsman to conduct hunts with stub rifles to secure meat.

Carolyne smiled as she laid down the last rifle. "Right, guns are ready. We've got firewood. Luca has gone to post a note on the bulletin board. We enough ammo. Finally, we can start some decent food around here, thank you so much for putting up this silly request Abby."

Abigail smiled. "Of course besides, I could with decent meat on the menu. jerky would be nice for snacks as well." The aide added with that the two Second Sons relaxed and waited for the hunters to arrive and they could begin discussing where to hunt and what to hunt.

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Postby Nevaraon » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:50 pm

There was a loud crackling from the nearby woods, as a lanky man with a dark green scarf wrapped around his face, a large wide brimmed leather hat, and a pair of clear goggles over his bright green eyes emerged.

His dark green and grey armor blended into his Camoline cloak, which in turn blended into the surrounding woods. He stomped through some low hanging branches before coming to a stop in the clearing. In full view of the Lieutenant, he spread his arms out wide and put his left hand on his hip. Pulling down his scarf, he gave a lazy two fingered salute.

“Halloooooo the house. Ah did a dun heard that yew were have yer selves a bit of a Bar Bee Que. Well, Ah felt mighty obliged ta come offer yeeeeewwww a hand. ‘Cawse ain’t nobody, no how, no where, keen throw ta shrimp on da Barbie like Ah keen. Xcepting mebey that thur purdy half pint chef. She knows herself round a kitchen that’un do.” The man said with a ridiculously thick accent. He pushed his cloak back a bit to lessen the blending effect. “Ah hope yew don’t mind, Ah did bring a few of mah own special ingredients. Fer dah Flavor.”

He drew a string of jars out from under his cloak. Undoing a strap to a larger jug attached to the belt. He started walking closer to the shed, while uncorking the jug. A powerful whiff of alcohol emanated from the jug, even at a distance. The man took a swig, gave a bright charming smile.

“Excuse mah bad manners, mah name dew be Billium, Billium Carmine. How dew yew dew?”

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Postby Archer » Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:47 pm

Carolyne coughed at the smell of the spirit and sighed. "Yes were conducting a little hunt to prepare the food stores with some proper meat." She added moving over to the stub rifles she picked up one of the rifles loading it. "You know how to handle one of these? Carmine?" She asked shouldering it keeping the safety on before offering it to the soldier before her in the camo cloak.

"Up for taking a look through the swamps and forests for something tastier than ready to eat meals?" She smirked a little curious if anyone else would turn up.

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