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Postby LaxKnight » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:59 pm

When the two officers walked in, Victoria didn’t salute for it was custom in her regiment to not salute when one wasn’t wearing a hat or cover. Instead, she gave them a slight bow of acknowledgment and said, “Good day ma’am, sir.”

Victoria sat down with everyone else and listened to the conversation taking place. The Major wanted them to talk about how the crisis could help bring the PDF and the Imperial Guard together. What crisis besides the fact that they don’t trust each other? How the PDF are surviving on scraps and nationalism? How the Guard lost a lot of their armor and have to protect a people who would likely betray them?

The older man that came with Lothar seemed adamant in getting the Sentinel they received. He must realize how vain that hope is. The Guard had so few of them as it is, let alone ones that weren’t damaged. She found it funny how they believe the Munitorum gives them so much when in reality it’s just a trickle thanks to rebel sabotage, disarray from having the former Munitorum heads vaporized with the rest of the capital, and interference by the Rogue Trader.

Tabitha then spoke up, saying how they could work together by the PDF providing places to refuel and rearm. It was surprisingly thoughtful. Long patrols and convoys indeed have been suffering from ambushes and lack of reliable supply points. Victoria nodded in agreement. “Local knowledge would very much help with navigation for supply routes,” she said, “However, I personally believe that we need to build trust with each other before we set up supply points. I’m not sure how anyone else believes that can be done, but I find joint operations or training tends to be effective as long as we have the right people leading and conducting it.”

She paused then said, “But first, I think we need to settle this logistics issue.”
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Postby Archer » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:51 pm

Luca was in his dress uniform, the uniform was designed to look regal and decorative. The black fabric was heavy and thick perfect for the cold weather, as he approached the truck he was under a heavy black cloak. He wore a beret with a different kind of Aquila than most was upon it as well as on the cuffs and over the heart of his uniform. It resembled the Imperial Aquila but lacked the twin heads it instead held only meant to symbolize Terra and the fact that regiments stationed to Terra put her above all else.

The redhead slowly approached the truck, raising his head towards it to look them over. "Tricia Bennett." The Lucifer Black asked as he approached phrasing it more like a statement than a question. "You are requested to come with me inside. I'll escort you." He added crossing his arms behind his back waiting. Luca was in his serious mode, he wanted the PDF on their side and to work with them.

"Get things unloaded." He added turning to Cadian's. "Orders from inside." The Lucifer looked at the milling troopers giving a soft smile to them. "Meeting seems to be going well." He added to the group around him speaking to one imparticular just enjoying this.

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Tricia stared blankly at the . . . what the hell was he? Some sort of fancy posh soldier? Though, to be fair. He did cut a nice figure.

"I . . . uh. . ." She mumbled towards the handsome man. "Who're you, again?" She finally asked, somewhat unsure of what to do. She'd been told to stay with the truck. She didn't really like the Imperial Guard, so that order made a great deal of sense. To have a handsome man in an entirely too-flashy uniform come up and request her by name set off alarm bells she didn't even know existed. "And who requested me inside? Inside where?" She wanted to back up from the all-too-handsome man. Get away from his obviously lethal training. But maybe they really had requested her inside.

So she settled for frowning and glaring daggers at him whilst following along behind him to the meeting room with arms crossed. Once inside she found a spot as close to the back while still being able to snag a cup of recaff from the black-eyed Guardsman whom she gave an equally surly glare to as she sipped quietly at the recaff.

From there she tried to remain unobtrusive and quiet, waiting for the damned thing to be done with so she could go home.
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Postby Archer » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:05 am

"Oh right, sorry about that, I'm Luca Astora. Terran's own Lucifer Black's third regiment." He added as walked with Tricia taking a moment to straighten himself he moved into the room and took up a post off to the side near the door. It wasn't his place to join in the conversations of the day or speak out of turn. He was here to take orders and keep people safe, though he would like it if the PDF and guard forces got along in his mind helping the people is exactly what they should be doing.

Luca kept an on Tricia after they arrived, he wanted to know about the PDF and people of the planet... If things had been different he might have been serving with them instead of the guard. Folding his arms behind his back and standing close to attention he let his eyes roam the room, it was good to Holt again no matter what he felt assured when the Commissar was around.

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