[CLOSED] Cyber(Clinic) Warfare

Anywhere within Naris Capitol city limits
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Postby LaxKnight » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:05 am

Zeltra-25 listened as the Explorator explained his plan. It sounded interesting but there were a few things she did not understand. "Clarification: Enginseer-Explorator, I'm afraid I don't understand how this will persuade the Rogue Trader forces to leave us unless you were using the ruse as a means to enact a trap or ambush," she said, "Logic: As our escorts, if we have problems with our transports they would be obligated to stay with us as we enact repairs unless there was some sort of extraneous circumstance."
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Postby Quads » Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:45 pm

++Ambush++ Sabinus clarified. ++If we were to let them go, they might contact their superiors for confirmation or to make some kind of arrangement about us. We falsify a complication with our lead transport once we are near close enough to the clinic and far enough away from the guard checkpoint.++ His voice rumbled from inside the silvery mask, and there was no small amount of weight upon it. ++We've no other choice. To make them part from us would to sign away a number of our advantages. Once we strike, we must be as expeditious about it's application as possible.++ The Explorator rubbed his taloned hands together, a sign of his vestigial anxiety. ++Then the clinic must be raided, and quickly. I would not be surprised if the patrol would do an interval check-in via the vox-lines.++ It was all he had at the moment, though again he offered to her a moment later. ++Unless you've a better idea. I am listening, if it is the case..++

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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:26 am

++i do believe there is an alternative to an ambush++ cheslock began ++we bring them into the clinic with us, before which i shall 'inoculate' them with a chemical agent vaccine, at least that is what i shall tell them i am doing as my sensors have allegedly picked up traces of a potential biological or chemical weapon used by the xenos, to which the sedative i administer shall keep them unconscious for a number of hours++
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Postby VariableVacancy » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:46 pm

++ This unit will default to the will of its superiors, and is prepared for combat if the need arrives ++
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Postby Riveris » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:52 pm

Seeing the clinic coming up soon. He tapped twice on the roof of the truck. To signal two things slow down a bit so the troops could get ready to exit. And the turret was moving off the roof. Taking a moment to balance himself. Placing his stubber onto the bed and praying over it. A prayer of true strike. And a prayer of function. dabbing holy oil over the hopper before cocking it taking the ejected shell and placing it into a pocket on his sleeve.

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Postby Quads » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:39 pm

++The plan has some merit, Metasurgeon, but I do not think that inncolating every last one of them can be done in a timely matter. What if they wish to contact their superiors so you can give out more vaccinations? How would we convince them to enter the clinic with us? After all, our reasons for stopping is that our engines have failed.. now..++ The Explorator reached for his vox-transmitter to broadcast to his convoy, and his convoy alone. ++Hear me, comrades. I ask all of you now to cover yourselfs. Gasmasks, goggles, and for those amongst you with the appropriate smoke grenades to prime them. Once you have thrown them, the drivers will stall the engines of our great machines and guide them into the maw of ground before the clinic.++ There was a pause, and the usually non-combative Explorator was really blurring the line between acting and actually taking initiative here. ++Throw open the hatches so our escorts may see the billowing smoke, call them hither, we shall explain to them in most.. uncertain tones that our glorious machine-spirits have been displeased by them for a reason we do not understand.++

Oh yes, this was all coming together, the Explorator tightened his mechanical grip on his staff. ++We will then instruct them to try and appease the spirits, for we cannot. Once they begin their prayers where we say they should..++ Indeed, there was a reason why the Explorator and his kind were known as radicals in the Mechanicus. A necessary evil. For no orthodox follower of the Machine God would ever attempt what he was doing right now; it was downright sacrilegious in some eyes. ++We attack, swiftly. Do not expect to fell all of them at once, merely to be as efficient as possible. Then we move with all haste to our prize, our deserved reward.++

He turned his head left, right, and then left again. ++Are we all in agreement? Or would my comrades have other proclivities that may prove more viable?++

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Postby LaxKnight » Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:06 am

Zeltra-25 listened to the two proposed ideas and as they talked a bit more she thought about which would be the most optimal plan. The ambush was a short term solution to their dilemma, if not with some slight risk if they weren’t quick, but it will likely have repercussions in the near future. The Rogue Trader would likely want answers and retribution for the deaths of his men and she didn’t think recognizing that they weren’t killed by Tau were above them, especially when they realize some were likely killed with Galvanic rounds. It wouldn’t be hard to guess who killed them. Besides, suggesting they, simple men, try to appease the Machine Spirits when there are two skilled Tech Priests inside is completely illogical to her.

The Metasurgeon’s method was less bloody and arguably more likely to be successful with little future repercussions, though there were two problems in it. First, it was entirely possible that they might gas masks which would eliminate the need for inoculations unless she inoculated them all. Second and more importantly, they are supposed to be heading to the Rogue Trader and she hasn’t really given a reason for the detour.

The Alpha waited for the Explorator to finish before she started to speak. “Advisory: I am not programmed for the subtlety of deception. However, I am still capable of analysis. Assessment: Both methods have their merits and flaws. Explanation: Enginseer-Explorator Kallikrates’s plan is a short and absolute solution that can have major repercussions if discovered, which I predict is likely possible. Also, asking these average men with likely no experience with machines to assist in repairs when saying two Tech Priests and Krieg Engineers can’t solve it is illogical and likely cause some suspicion, compounded if they call it in, as they will likely do, and a team comes to discover we aren’t there. It is also unlikely that we can disguise their wounds as those consistent with traitor PDF and Tau forces unless we set them on fire, signaling our position with the smoke. If we do this, I predict it will be very likely they will identify it as us, heavily straining the Imperium’s tenuous relationship we have with the Rogue Trader.

“Metasurgeon Cheslock’s plan I assess is likely to be successful with less chance of negative repercussions for them passing out could simply pass as her getting the dosage wrong. However, I identify two flaws: they could possibly have gas masks, making inoculation moot considering you will then have to inoculate all of us, and a valid reason for the detour hasn’t been stated unless you seek to tell them the truth, which will make the deception more likely than not moot which will be compounded by the fact that they will report the detour to their superiors.

“Statement: I am not programmed for deception, therefore I am struggling to come up with a better plan. Conclusion: I understand that telling the truth and having to share our spoils is unacceptable to my superiors, but what we have is a plan likely to be successful but extremely risky and another plan that is safer but needs more development. If I had to side with a plan, however, it would be Metasurgeon Cheslock’s for, while I am not opposed to bloodshed, deaths of those belonging to powerful ‘allies’ carry much heavier, dire, and negative consequences, something that we the Imperium cannot afford at this time.”

Zeltra-25 finished, waiting for what was likely beratement to head her way.
Apparently, I made too many characters. Here they are:

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Postby Quads » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:37 pm

++Though I would like to inform you, Zeltra, that either one of our proposed plans will be taken as an utter act of aggression. It is merely a measure of severity. When they awaken to find our covey gone, the clinic looted to the last, it will not be hard to understand what it was that happened.++ There was a pause as he studied her carefully, he did not berate her, merely he treated her response as another argument that he would engage on quite a level playing field. ++Of course they are simple men, Zeltra, that is the idea. We cannot appease the spirit because they have offended it. Is this the truth? Hardly. But the truth does not matter to simple men, only the moment holds weight in their minds. Because we must act fast, if we postulate that it must be done with the utmost haste worried men hardly think about the most logical thing to do.++

Cold analysis, but it was truth. He was no stiff follower of the Mechanicus, his words came off as cynical and ruthless. An aged Explorator could match a Rogue Trader any day, if not surpass them in cunning because of their pure and chilled methods. ++Inoculation? Almost guaranteed to be reported, and a reason for the detour is barely even formulated. Once they are dealt with, we load the corpses into their vehicles and after claiming our prize we detonate them. Simulating an attack and destroying the evidence, we retreat and tell the checkpoint that we were attacked and are falling back. That will be the end of it, I am almost certain.++ The trader coiled one of the thick cords falling from his head around his finger and let out a mechanized sigh. ++Thank you for your words, however. A better fleshed out plan is more likely to succeed. No pun intended.++

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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:33 pm

First of all, I am sensing the thread has reached a point of stagnation. While I thoroughly enjoyed the planning, I am afraid conversations such as these: Pointing, Counter-Pointing, and other remarks that though very comprehensive -are not very suited to this format of Playing, a reply can take weeks to arrive (nothing I blame you for, it is merely a fact.), extending the length of Real Time for the Thread even before the actual action has even started. Me Nudging some to post every once in a while as a GM is not a thing I am very comfortable with, It is necessary at times but ought to be avoided.
Therefore, I give you the decision: Do you want to continue plotting at your own pace or do you want me intervene and give you a nudge from the NPCs to solve your current issue? Feel free to answer either here in an [[OOC]] Post or in a PM to me directly either through the Forum or Discord.

Secondly, I will probably be unavailable in the following month and even if I will be, it will be likely for very short periods of time in which DMing is physically impossible. More the time for you to decide on the First Point.

========= NEW MESSAGE ============

I was Banned. I wasn't told why. I wasn't allowed to Deliver a Final Word as Farewell on EO's Discord.
I posted it on this Forum Site. It was Deleted WITHOUT Providing a Reason.

I shall post it as an edit and not a separate post cause it might be noticed.

========= FAREWELL MESSAGE ========

Considering I no longer have the ability to communicate to you all, I have asked for this good man to deliver my
Final Farewell to the Forum, 3 years of great time and good people deserve as such.
Do not talk to him further on this manner, the words before you are my own and by no means reflect the messanger.

Dear Members of Eagle Ordinary.

As some of you were aware to the plan spoken in private means, I had the intention of leaving the EO Community.
The reasons were varied and had a lot to do with recent developments in the Mod Enforcement of Rules and,
of course, the Final Warning I was issued which hung above my head akin to a Sword of Damocles.
By then I understood fairly well that neither am I nor any explanations, arguments or reasons for certain behaviors
or Perceived Behaviors are welcome (as they weren't given the chance to be heard entirely in the first place).
I knew it was but a matter of time until I would be Given the Boot, taking in account the frequency of my clashes.
"I would be best if I leave on my own Terms with Grace." So I thought and so I confided a certain few.

But I stayed, for a time, an abrupt and sudden disappearance would mean abandoning certain
obligations I made to players I respect, and so there were preparations to make the departure as smooth
and pleasant as it could be. That includes: Completion of Obligations as mentioned above,
Tying up 'In Character' Events by writing a post of their departure, and finally writing the former version to this message.
But it didn't happen did it?

The notification of my expulsion was abrupt, incredibly vague, and without chance of allowing
me to explain the crime I don't know I committed.
I know I have my issues, no human is infallible and I know that, believe me.
There were times in which I did overstep one or two boundaries, though without malice, I could understand the errors
committed and made the best to improve the manner with which I deal with all those problems.
There were also times which I consider being singled out on behavior which seemed to be accepted in others and there
was no clarity on what exactly did I do wrong and I wasn't given an avenue to explain myself.
And yet, "Inappropriate use of the server", as explained on the Ban Message, is not sufficient as it doesn't point to
the event itself in any way.
I would have expected this Explanation to Ban be from Google's Automated Systems, not the Humans of EO Team.
As you all know: The Forum Site itself is not viable for Playing or Communicating, and no one really uses it in a regular basis
anymore due to the Discord Server an alternative measure for both functions, so "Not banned from the forum or from
continuing to talk to members should they contact you." and "You are still a member of our community" Are Empty Words.
I am Out, means I am Out. You can't sugar-coat it.
And it all leaves a very sour taste.

But I will not allow it allow it to take away from the fact that the time I have spent these past 3 years in this wonderful community
was one of the highlights of my experience in Role Play, Human interaction, as well as Warhammer 40K.
It can be argued EO was one of the reasons I found myself drawn to the Setting in the first place.
It was a great time, whether playing a character, planning a thread, drawing a map or maintaining the Character List
for the benefit and enjoyment of many of the players.
I have gained good friends from across the globe, with many of whom I'll do my best to stay in contact in the future.
For all that, I would like to thank you all, those that are still here and those that are not.
By no means was the decision to leave an easy one.

Honourable Mentions for the best, as per the list on EO Forum and Discord PMs, in no particular order:
Richard, Hobbsy, SilverRuby, Laxknight, Gahalla, Fates' End, BlindDeadMcJones, DeMarchese, Nevaraon, Aishachan, CyGamer,
Drocol Ritter von Krieg, Warsmith Wolf, QuothTheRaven, Samantha Hawke, Riveris, Rodbob, Fairemont, Heart|Soul, Zeppo,
Quads, NicklausOfKrieg, Qsy, Silver, and TheCountofMontePissedOff.
Do forgive me if your name is not included, I am working with a shortened list.

I still do have my Account on the Forum Site itself, maybe one glorious and happy day I'll return,
as mentioned above I am not banned from there whatever good it may be.
And of course you are allowed to PM Me via discord.

I'll try and Post the 9453rd Departure from Naris in the Server, Omnissiah Willing.
It had been an Honour, and I wish you Well.

Johan Wyss.
Signing Out.


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