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Name Savin Deveraux
Gender Female
Age 27
Height 3'2"
Weight 62 lbs
Notes Abhuman (ratling)
Regiment 772nd Korvazen Tiger Rifles, Bakersfield Company
Born Korvaz Quintus
Training Fort Legba, Korvaz Quintus
General Appearance Like the majority of humans from Korvaz Quintus, Deveraux has medium brown skin, tanned and freckled from long exposure to the sun, and pale hair that is wavy and bushy. She wears the same deep red flak vest and khaki pants as her regiment, but forgoes the armor plating and helmet, as well as the cumbersome boots.

History The ratling population on the Agri-world of Korvaz Quintus live on designated farms adjacent but separate from the human farmers. They are required to send a much smaller portion of their population to the recruitment centers when a regimental tithe is being gathered, and usually the ratlings put their expertise to work as either cooks or scouts. Savin spent most of her youth chasing spriggans and lizards through the grain fields, and learning to hunt in the little knots of woodland between fields, so she gravitated pretty naturally towards the role of scout.
The Bakersfield Company of the 772nd has suffered tremendous casualties fighting the Tau, and she is one of barely a dozen Korvazen soldiers left in Naris Capitol.

Friends and Allies: What's left of her fellow Tiger Rifles. A few black market contacts, and anyone who is friendly to her.

Enemies: Due to the reputation of ratlings, she tends to draw suspicion from the commissariat and law enforcement. There are also plenty who dislike abhumans.

- Uniform
- Good quality longlas with telescopic sight. It has rather pretty wood furniture, and is kept well maintained.
- Laspistol
- Two frag grenades, two krak grenades
- Several jars of... home-made amasec
- Magnoculars
- Chameleoline cloak
- Lho sticks. For bartering, she doesn't smoke.


High Concept
Crack shot shortstack


Shoot Sharp, Then Scarper
Friendly Rivalry (Levi Slone) [[after the hall of virtue tangle with the battlesuit]]
Look Out Sir! (Commissar Cat) [[after the IG on the road again firefight]]

Careful || +4
Clever || +1
Flashy || +0
Forceful || +1
Quick || +3
Sneaky || +2

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