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Peridot Rhodochrosite Onyx (Perron)
Gender: Male
Age: Twenties
Height: Little bit taller than you. Looms.
Weight: You could probably lift him out of the way.
Regiment: Unattached

Appearance: Seemingly always knows when you're looking at him, and so meets your eye, first. Brown, you think. Though you'd struggle to commit.
His hair is pale blonde, and usually immaculately kept in a banded braid down to the mid-back. Refuses to cut it, assumed for cultural reasons.
Smiles near-constantly. Slim, but athletic build. Fine and soft-featured, with pale complexion to match his hair. Occasionally seen with a neat, small white goatee. You seem to think he has an old scar across his mouth, though you're not entirely certain, perhaps you're confusing him with someone else...
His uniform is made up of pale blue-grey fatigues, with a cap from no easily discernible regiment, though it is all well kept. Bears no regimental markings, his own choice, and a thin black band on his cap and upper arm to mark their loss.

General information:
Thinking about Perron gives you a bit of a headache, honestly. The sole survivor of a failed deployment, he arrived on-world with the last intake. That is, far as you can remember. And it is hard to remember much about him, even having spent time in his company. He speaks so very little about himself.
Eager enough to please, softly spoken, and has proven attentive and competent in all of his duties. Is yet to have been majorly chastised, at any rate.
Greets others and encourages them with a quiet enthusiasm that ought not be possible, especially from someone who watched his entire platoon die.
Does not wish to discuss where he previously served, the last inquirer ended up on the receiving end of such a smile that they still felt uncomfortable days later.

Nobody really has a bad word to say about Perron, though mostly they just don't talk about him.

Commissar's Notes: Something about Onyx's constant faint smile and inextinguishable positivity are more than a little unusual without suspicion of recreational drugs.
But the tests came back clean, and he was ever so helpful.
Totally illiterate but an earnest listener.
Mostly keeps to himself, but feels compelled to pitch in if he sees someone else in difficulty.
Believed that this attitude stems from his home planet; a mining world, with little to no machine industry. Copes surprisingly well with technology despite this beginning.
By all accounts does not seem to have an aggressive bone in his body, and yet survived alone after the loss of dozens of more experienced men. Was discovered alive eleven days after entire deployment was deemed a failure. Refused to speak to anyone for a further nine days, bar the commissar accompanying the relief team.

Standard psych test passed. In-depth further assessment filed for, but remains pending.
Despite basic assessment turning up nothing, Onyx displays significant signs of PTSD or a similar affliction.
Due to this, Trooper Onyx has clearance to stand outdoors if he feels one of his "meltdowns" coming on.
- Failure to articulate this requirement has led to more than one disruptive incident, and significant distress to Peridot and officers. Onyx is not violent or dangerous, it simply becomes harder to calm him.

High Concept: New Start; New Chances.
Perron just wants to forget his past life, and for you to as well. He embraces the current situation as a fresh start.

Aspect: Blessed Are the Cracked (For they let in the light)
Under stressful situations, Perron's ballistic skill increases dramatically. The closer he is to a nervous breakdown, the more proficient he is.
Sadly this means when calm he can barely hit a barn door with a shotgun.

Trouble: He's just weird, you know?
No matter what Perron does, no matter how kind he is, people will never truly get used to having him around. He finds it difficult to earn trust from the majority of his peers.

Careful +1
Clever +2
Flashy +1
Forceful +2
Quick +3
Sneaky +0

Equipment and Gear:
Small mirror and pocket comb
Collection of small bands, beads made from coloured stones, and coloured metals
Standard Imperial Infantrymen's Uplifting Primer
Cap and fatigues (Two sets)
Extending Metal Baton (One)
Newspapers, various
Service Dog (Lance Corporal Hondjie)
No firearms : [If found in possession of a live weapon outside of training areas, it is your duty to duly confiscate and return the weapon to the nearest commissar.]


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