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Name: Corporal Yarrick "Ricky" Talsen
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6ft
Weight 240lb
Regiment: Folded into Cadian 58th Mechanized 'Carnodons'

General Appearance: Athletic build, a little on the broader shouldered side. Dark, short hair, Cadian eyes with additional black, panda rings from lack of sleep. Neat uniform, fairly neutral if strained expression at any given time. Faint facial twitch when extremely tired. Imperial tattoo sleeve on his left arm neatly covers a few scars.

History: Hoping to bring him luck in life, Ricky's parents named him after Saint Sebastian Yarrick, hero of Armageddon and Golgotha; an unusual choice for Cadians, but not uncommon in the Imperium itself. Ignoring the fact that 'Yarrick' is a surname.
Ricky survived the slaughter of his squad shortly before deployment to Valmaria, so perhaps the luck holds.

Ricky has the quiet air of someone who would generally rather be somewhere else. Where, depends on how tired he is at that particular point in the day. Friendly enough, he volunteers flurries of information and insight only to later clam up and withdraw quite quickly. He seems largely unaffected by the loss of his previous squad, but does have moments of being rather quiet. He displays exceptional intuition with fast insight into the next best move, providing anyone will listen.
Rarely seen to sleep, if ever. When tired, he becomes slowly less and less easy to understand.

Psych assessment found nothing out of the ordinary after Talsen's return from the loss of his squad. Suggested sleep medication may help with his fatigue some.

Friends and Allies: Quite reserved generally, but certainly not unhelpful.
Enemies: Xenos, decaffeinated drinks.

High Concept: Team Player (Plays well with others.)
Trouble: Does he ever sleep? (Ricky is rarely, if ever, well rested.)
Aspect: Look out, sir! (Ricky has reflexes and intuition that would shame a cat.)

Careful + 2
Clever + 1
Flashy + 0
Forceful + 2
Quick + 3
Sneaky + 1

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