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Name: Tsabar Maqebai Kadav
Monikers/Nicknames: Tiger, Tabby (he doesn't like that one), Kaddy (he likes that one even less), Dune
Titles: Trooper, Desert Raider.

Age: 19 standard Terran rotations

Race: Human (Tallarn)
Gender: Male

Languages spoken/understood: Low gothic, butchered high gothic.

Position: Tallarn Desert Raider
Rank: Private

Skin tone: Tanned
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, Chin Length
Notable Marks: Scar across nose and on lower left side of chin, tending toward corner of mouth, Tallarn Tattoos

Height: 5’4” (164 cm)
Weight: 150lbs, 68kg

High concept: Timid desert raider
Trouble: Communication Problems
Aspect: Amatur Swashbuckler

Careful: +3
Clever: +1
Flashy: 0
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +2


Tsabar Maqebai Kadav is a desert raider, born and raised. Conceived by a Rough rider and artillery trooper, he was raised on the planet of Tallarn where he was taught and trained in guerrilla tactics, beginning at a very young age. He was raised to be a raider, and a raider he became. Not the best of course, there was the training accident during his twelfth standard terran rotation which left him with the scar across his nose, and the shrapnel that tore a small, but very noticeable scar on his chin during his sixteenth.

He began to wear his shemagh around his face at all times, letting no one see the fruits of his carelessness. Because of this he became reclusive, shy, only spoke when spoken to. His failure to make friends however, made no effect on his abilities to complete objectives on the ordered timescale. It did, however take a toll on his daily routine, preferring to maintain his khalig [a sword he was awarded for pulling a fellow desert raider from a burning tank, the same training accident which scarred his face], to talking or relaxing.

Tsabar was transferred to Naris, to serve the Emperor [Praised be to the golden throne] with the 58th Cadian regiment, and to help with the occupation of the city.

-Speak softly..: Tsabar does not initiate conversations very well. Certainly not with speakers of high gothic (which he can barely speak in the first place). But if he does make a friend, he speaks easily and with a quiet confidence.
-Thank you, but...: Tsabar saw at a young age how other raiders would make fools of themselves indulging in anmsec and intimate congruence. He refrains from both. He doesn't like people judging him.
-Even for an eggshell: Tsabar may speak softly, but if he or any of his (admittedly few) friends are insulted, he would leap to defend his/their honor, no matter the slight.
-Yes Sir!: Obeys all orders put to him, no matter how tedious or menial. With only mental complaint.
-You startled me: Though the fear of battle has been trained out of him, he still jumps at a slamming door, a dropped glass, especially an unexpected greeting from behind.
-Im just making sure its sharp: Tsabar was given a long Khalig, a long curved saber, which he cares for like family. He cleans it constantly. Tsabar has no personal time. He only has time to clean his Khalig.
-I'm Sorry: Apologizes for things that are clearly not his fault.

-Shemagh [Tallarn Headwrap]
-Wind Goggles
-Tallarn Desert Raider Imperial Guard Uniform
-Mars pattern M36 Lasgun
-4 charge packs
-Flak Vest [Desert Camo]
-Mono Knife
-Micro Bead [short range radio]
-2 frag grenades, 3 smoke grenades
-Rucksack (Poor weather gear, tool kit, mess kit, boot polish, ident tags, rechargeable lantern, Imperial Guardsman's uplifting primer, blanket, 4 weeks rations, grooming kit).

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