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(Just a quick sketch for now until I can do my digital drawing on top)

Name Cruz Ortega
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 6'1"
Weight 167 lbs
Regiment 772nd Korvazen Tiger Rifles
Born Korvaz Quintus
Cruz is a woman of amazonian proportions, tall and well muscled, with rich tanned skin and black hair, shaved to the skin on her left side. Her nose was broken and badly set, leaving it looking crooked and squashed. She has several scars, most notably on her nose and cheeks where her goggles dig in.
She has a loud, husky voice, and is often making obscene jokes and laughing. She smokes anything she can get her hands on but prefers cigars.
She wears the standard uniform of the Korvazen Tiger Rifles, tan shirt under a red vest, and khaki pants with a red stripe. She is often sooty and disheveled, and her sergeant is constantly on her about uniform infractions. Where she keeps getting the contraband pins, patches, and decals is mystifying.
Born in a cattle town on the Southern Hemisphere of Korvaz Quintus, the life of a rancher didn't suit young Cruz. Nor did work in her mothers' tailor shop. She ran away with a pack of other young wastrels to Vexmire Hive and quickly fell in with a gang.
The Amasec Street Bullies, as the gang was known, experienced a meteoric rise to infamy as thieves and brawlers, and as the local gendarmes descended on their safe house, Cruz decided to move on. She enlisted with the mustering regiment and was off-planet before the law could track her down.

Friends and Allies:
Cruz is a cheerful rascal, and will get along with anyone easygoing enough to put up with her.

A lifelong problem with authority seems to be a trait common to the Korvazen line soldiers, and Cruz's boisterous antics often get her into trouble.

-heavy flamer
-combat knife
-another, different combat knife
-frag grenade
-deck of cards
-sewing kit
-collection of non-regulation pins, patches, decals, and buttons
-a third combat knife
-brass knuckles

High Concept
-Boistrous Bruiser-
Cruz is loud, obnoxious, big, and ready to lay some hurt on the enemy.
-Poor impulse control-
She just can't help herself. Cruz has very little brainpower devoted to telling her "this is a bad decision" and will often follow her gut into disasters.
-"Burn it all!"-
Her size and strength made her a candidate for special weapons training when she enlisted, and though she is certified on the heavy stubber, grenade launcher, and plasma gun, she took to flamers most enthusiastically.

Careful || +2
Clever || +2
Flashy || +1
Forceful || +3
Quick || +1
Sneaky || +0

[[-Edit: I felt the base outline of Cruz's personality was too close to Savin (and o'toole) so I updated her to be slightly less of a sneak thief and more of a brawler.-]]

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