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M1-L0 "Milo"
Age: Between 10 and 100
Height: Between 5 and 7 feet, varies
Build: W1RY. S33 WH47 1 D1D 7H3R3? H33 H33.
Eyes: Blue lights

Rank: Tech-Priest...Enginseer...Thing?

Bio: Unusually cheerful for a cogboy, the red-robed amalgam of tubes, coils and wires that calls itself Milo spends most of his time happily putting broken things back together, often better than they were before. With his humming, almost singsong vox-burble, it is difficult to tell what gender Milo is. His apparent lack of any remaining flesh only adds to this. From beneath his hood stare a pair of blue lights through which Milo sees the world. Of note is that he is very affectionate towards both machines and the people in charge of them, often attempting to give hugs via his coils. This tends to have better results on machines than people.
Believing that technological stasis will be the death of the Imperium, Milo yearns to experiment with the plasma technology of Tau weaponry and give his fleshy friends an edge in combat. Only the notion of being accused of tech-heresy prevents him from doing so.
He likes ancient Terran poetry. In particular, The Litany of Endurance, alternatively known as 'Code Monkey'.

High Concept: The Flesh is Soft
- Milo believes that being amiable goes a long way in both human relations and technology. Sometimes the Machine Spirit needs a bit of a hug, and so do people.

Aspect: Vox Cantus
- While he works, Milo burbles, whirrs and sings in a mellow and robotic but tuneful voice. Those listening might notice he slips between indistinct humming and snippets of songs.

Trouble: Bug in the System
- Milo is secretly frustrated with the stasis that technology has reached, and recognizes the technological superiority that the Tau wield. He longs to be able to innovate, and sates this desire through subtle tinkering with broken machinery.

Careful +1
Clever +2
Flashy +1
Forceful +3
Quick +0
Sneaky +2

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