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Name: Invictus Joy

Aka: Silver-foot (or just “Silver”)
Age: 25
Gender: Male Imperial Citizen
Height: 1m86
Weight: 76 Kgs
Rank: Junior-Commissar
Born: Calixis Battlefleet (and grew up on Maccabeus Quintus Progenium)
Training: Commissar training on Maccabeus Quintus in a Schola Progenium and Maccabian Janissaries training
Notes: An Aquilla tattooed on the heart, a bionic in place of the right leg
Languages Spoken: Low Gothic, High Gothic, Military Argot
Regiment: 1322th Maccabian Janissaries (before )
The Commissar has young facial feature, with a sharp nose, thick eyebrows and brown deep eyes surronded by wrungles due to the fights. his oval face is surrounded by a dark brown line, actually, a beard and short hair hidden by his kepi are visible. His look, sometimes lost, betraying all the horrors of the battlefields, which the number of soldiers under his orders yet known. Besides his face, his “ironic” name, "Joy" is totally out of tune with his Real personality. The Junior-Commissar was often lost in monologues to growl about everything and often about anything. more than that the commissar is certainly in better shape than his rectangular physique let believe.


Son of an Imperial Navy officer from the Battlefleet Calixis, the honourable Captain Orion Joy. Invictus (Victus, or Victy for closes friends) grew up on a ship, and he keep no real memory of that periode (except a space marine plush, and hours watching stars on the ship.) as many descendants of servant of the Emperor, Invictus was soon confronted with the common but painful experience of the loss of his beloved dad, who received the emperor mercy during a Dark Eldar raid. designating the little scared boy to the Maccabian Schola Progenium on Maccabeus Quintus. Directed by his austere drill abbot, and some of Janissaries troops. at 8 he knew how to re assemble a M36 Lasgun blindfolded, at 10 he recite the Drusinian canticle, at 12 he discussed Drusus, Elana and Vidicus, at 14 he redrew the basics assault schema of the Tactica Imperialis and at 16 he could count by twos and tie his shoes. His ability to speak well, and his tactic sense designated him to join the Officio Prefectus, and to be incorporate in the 1322nd Maccabian Janissaries regiment, under the mentoring of Commissar Samiel, with who he was baptized by fire during a disastrous landing on savage world where he loses half of his right leg, a leg replaced by a weird prosthesis (she looks like a cyber pirate leg)

Personality: Invictus is a guy looking for the respect of his men trying to be a model to follow, but he have to always keep in mind this, they are not friends, they are not confident or anything else, they are munitorum property, they are here to serve the emperor. to help him he followed a couple of complicated rules, convinced that he will stay alive by following them. is a big adept of dark humor, and can say some jokes at the wrong time

Friends: Few old comrades of the Schola Progenium

A High Concept: For the creed, the emperor and reccaf !
A Trouble: bad sense of orientation in big city
An Aspect: Launching an inspiring speech under heavy enemy fire

Sneaky: +1
Careful: +0
Forceful: +2
Clever: +1
Quick: +2
Flashy: +3

Stuff on him

Commissar’s Uniform
Badass Commissar coat
Junior-Commissar Cap
Good craftmanship Chainsword
Good craftmanship Bolt Pistol
1 Knife
Flak Armour (under the uniform)
water canteen
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
purity seals

Stuff in Canteen

1x M36 Lasgun
2 frag grenades
2 krak grenades
basic toolkit
mess kit
blanket and sleep bag,
rechargeable lamp-pack
grooming kit
a LOT of recaf’
Few books about Imperial guard, Munitorum, saints life, Imperium Strategy and others
“A leader is a man who possesses the ability to get others to do what they do not want to do, and enjoy it all the while"

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