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Tabitha Maru
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Postby Tabitha Maru » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:40 am

Thanks to blinddeadmcjones for the avatar

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Johannes Wyss von Krieg
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Postby Johannes Wyss von Krieg » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:36 pm

The Unit gave a solid nod this time

"Thank you. Good Day, Sir."

It then saluted and turned on the heel, finally leaving for the next assigment.

[[Erika has left the Thread]]

========= NEW MESSAGE ============

I was Banned. I wasn't told why. I wasn't allowed to Deliver a Final Word as Farewell on EO's Discord.
I posted it on this Forum Site. It was Deleted WITHOUT Providing a Reason.

I shall post it as an edit and not a separate post cause it might be noticed.

========= FAREWELL MESSAGE ========

Considering I no longer have the ability to communicate to you all, I have asked for this good man to deliver my
Final Farewell to the Forum, 3 years of great time and good people deserve as such.
Do not talk to him further on this manner, the words before you are my own and by no means reflect the messanger.

Dear Members of Eagle Ordinary.

As some of you were aware to the plan spoken in private means, I had the intention of leaving the EO Community.
The reasons were varied and had a lot to do with recent developments in the Mod Enforcement of Rules and,
of course, the Final Warning I was issued which hung above my head akin to a Sword of Damocles.
By then I understood fairly well that neither am I nor any explanations, arguments or reasons for certain behaviors
or Perceived Behaviors are welcome (as they weren't given the chance to be heard entirely in the first place).
I knew it was but a matter of time until I would be Given the Boot, taking in account the frequency of my clashes.
"I would be best if I leave on my own Terms with Grace." So I thought and so I confided a certain few.

But I stayed, for a time, an abrupt and sudden disappearance would mean abandoning certain
obligations I made to players I respect, and so there were preparations to make the departure as smooth
and pleasant as it could be. That includes: Completion of Obligations as mentioned above,
Tying up 'In Character' Events by writing a post of their departure, and finally writing the former version to this message.
But it didn't happen did it?

The notification of my expulsion was abrupt, incredibly vague, and without chance of allowing
me to explain the crime I don't know I committed.
I know I have my issues, no human is infallible and I know that, believe me.
There were times in which I did overstep one or two boundaries, though without malice, I could understand the errors
committed and made the best to improve the manner with which I deal with all those problems.
There were also times which I consider being singled out on behavior which seemed to be accepted in others and there
was no clarity on what exactly did I do wrong and I wasn't given an avenue to explain myself.
And yet, "Inappropriate use of the server", as explained on the Ban Message, is not sufficient as it doesn't point to
the event itself in any way.
I would have expected this Explanation to Ban be from Google's Automated Systems, not the Humans of EO Team.
As you all know: The Forum Site itself is not viable for Playing or Communicating, and no one really uses it in a regular basis
anymore due to the Discord Server an alternative measure for both functions, so "Not banned from the forum or from
continuing to talk to members should they contact you." and "You are still a member of our community" Are Empty Words.
I am Out, means I am Out. You can't sugar-coat it.
And it all leaves a very sour taste.

But I will not allow it allow it to take away from the fact that the time I have spent these past 3 years in this wonderful community
was one of the highlights of my experience in Role Play, Human interaction, as well as Warhammer 40K.
It can be argued EO was one of the reasons I found myself drawn to the Setting in the first place.
It was a great time, whether playing a character, planning a thread, drawing a map or maintaining the Character List
for the benefit and enjoyment of many of the players.
I have gained good friends from across the globe, with many of whom I'll do my best to stay in contact in the future.
For all that, I would like to thank you all, those that are still here and those that are not.
By no means was the decision to leave an easy one.

Honourable Mentions for the best, as per the list on EO Forum and Discord PMs, in no particular order:
Richard, Hobbsy, SilverRuby, Laxknight, Gahalla, Fates' End, BlindDeadMcJones, DeMarchese, Nevaraon, Aishachan, CyGamer,
Drocol Ritter von Krieg, Warsmith Wolf, QuothTheRaven, Samantha Hawke, Riveris, Rodbob, Fairemont, Heart|Soul, Zeppo,
Quads, NicklausOfKrieg, Qsy, Silver, and TheCountofMontePissedOff.
Do forgive me if your name is not included, I am working with a shortened list.

I still do have my Account on the Forum Site itself, maybe one glorious and happy day I'll return,
as mentioned above I am not banned from there whatever good it may be.
And of course you are allowed to PM Me via discord.

I'll try and Post the 9453rd Departure from Naris in the Server, Omnissiah Willing.
It had been an Honour, and I wish you Well.

Johan Wyss.
Signing Out.


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