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Postby Zeppo » Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:51 pm

Name : Ema Hugot
Gender : Female
Age : 32
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 162 lbs
Regiment : 183rd Mordian Iron Guard
General Appearance : Like the majority of the population of the Mordian, Ema has pale skin due to the lack of sun, cold grey-blue eyes, and short straight black hair. She has a scar on her lips, and the sides of her head are shaved. This allows some electoos of gangs and regimental markings to be seen. She wears frowzy and muddy white Mordian Uniform with Dark Red epaulettes.

History : Ema was the executioner of one of the famous gangs of the Low-hive. She oversaw dealing with people who break the gang law, most of the time they meet her shock stick, sometime just a bullet in neck in a dark alley. The gangers were like firefly, they live bright and short, so when the PDF descended to the gang headquarter, Ema saw there is only two ends for her. Dying here trying to defend something that will not exist tomorrow or surrender and live few more days.
She follows his primary rules, the one that’s drive her to this point. Survive no matter what.
She surrenders to the enforcers, gives their all the information she has and got an opportunity to live another life, to enlisted in the Guard.
Now she was Ema Hugot, private of the 183rd Mordian Iron Guard, here she found her new gang, her new family.
She found in Captain Francis Gaskell a great officer who says what he thinks, and who commands from the front, he earned her respect and her loyalty for that. She also appreciates the commissar, but he was a little too gentle for her, so she put herself in charge to dealing with the bad guys of the regiment, in his back. Just for remind them where the limits are before they encounter the Imperial Justice.
Friends and Allies: Others mordian’s troopers, black marketeers.
Enemies: Xenos, everyone that attempt to harm her.

Stuff :
- Uniform
- Lascarbine
- 2 x Stub gun + suppressor
- Two frag grenades
- Small shock stick
- Bayonet
- Magnoculars
- Lho sticks
- Several Stims


High Concept
Urban Gunslinger
"The hive run in my blood and my enemies’ blood will run in the hive"

Stim Addict
"To be ready, I need my Stim as you need your Recaff"

Bad Habits Dies Hard
“The commissar is too kind, bad guy only understand shock stick in the guts”


Careful || +2 (The Wall)
Clever || +0
Flashy || +1
Forceful || +2
Quick || +3
Sneaky || +2
Ema Hugot-min.jpg
Sketching of Ema
Ema Hugot-min.jpg (174.33 KiB) Viewed 885 times
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Postby Zeppo » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:06 pm

163rd Vosgesian’s Storm Hussars Regiment,
2nd Auxiliary Company “Chicken Wing”

The Storm Hussar was a Hunter-Killer regiment raised from the agri-world of Vosges. As fertile and productive planet, Vosges have a long story with the Imperial Guard, providing food and men to sustain the implacable march of the Imperium. By tradition and need the local governor maintain at all time a well trained and equipped regiment to defend the planet again the many foe a luxurious place like it tends to attract. Regularly the regiment was split, one half staining on place as the 1st Vosgesian and the other half send off-world.
Their home world being mostly covered by great windy plains, deserts and small forested mountain, the Storm Hussars specialised themselves in fast respond operation based on fast light armoured vehicles carrying heavily equipped troops (Bike, Tauros, Sentinel, Taurox, Salamander, …)
Every time the Regiment was split to reinforce the Imperial Guard, the veteran leave with 3 reserve companies. This companies were mostly composed by rookies and oversee by a handful of veterans. The 2nd Company, leaded by Captain Jean Brossin, was one of these.

Main characters of the company:

Winged Capitaine, Jean Brossin - KIA

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Postby Zeppo » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:42 pm

Adjudante-chef Samia DeBouillon:

Work In Progress

Name: Samia DeBouillon
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Height: 193cm – 6” 4’
Weight: 75kg – 163bs
Rank: Adjudante-chef (Warrant officer)
Born: Massallia, Vosges
Training: Massallia Royale Academia – technical logistic graduation
Valdefer Mecanicus Institut – engineering specialisation
Kenevo Training centre - land vehicle driving, ordinance, special weapons certifications

Regiment: 163rd Vosgesian’s Storm Hussars Regiment, 2nd Auxiliary Company
(Attached to the 58th Cadian)

General Information:
She ends up the higher rank personnel of the 2nd Auxiliary Company after the crash of the shuttle and the death of the officers. She was a strict woman who tends to treat her subordinates as changeable gears of the great Astra Militarum machine. She has received one of the best formations her homeworld can provide in terms of technical knowledge and she was proud of it.
Her right arm is an augmentic, partly hidden under synth-skin and has a vox transmitter and multiple connectors for her MIU build in. Thanks to that she can easily interface with imperial techs.
She can use her dataslate as text-to-speech over the vox if she’s directly connected to it.

Appearance: Her dark tanned skin matches her light-brown eyes. She wears her hairs tied plait under her beret. A part of her right side was covered by chemical burns (from Tyranid acid) that run from her ear to her hip. Her right arm was studded with small metal part that reveal the augmentics under her skin.
When on duty, she always wears a large red leather apron, stained with holy unguent and marked with a black Cog on top of her armour, it’s the symbol of her rank of combat engineer.

History: As a child of the one of the most powerful industrial family of Vosges, she receives the best education her parents can provide her. She learns quickly learn the secret of the machine and the etiquette of the local nobility.
Her parents have blazed the trail for her, she will end at the head of one of their manufactra. But when the Archenemy strikes one more time on Vosges and destroyed a part of the family infrastructures, she decides to enlist in the local regiment. Seeking vengeances, she runs the lowlands and the deserts of the planet, hunting heretics and abominations.
After a few years, she was selected to become officers in one the company sends off world. In this post, Samia fight on a handful of worlds against the numerous threat the imperial faced. This during one of her mission against a small Tyranid outbreak, that she and the unit under her command was ambushed by Tyranids in the middle of a forest. Due to some poor choises the most of her unit was KIA and she was heavily injured by a spray of acid.
From that event she ends up with a phobia of the forest and the Tyranid, a number of well crafted and nearly invisible augmentics and an assignation in the 2nd Auxiliary Company as a warrant officer. Her transition to a non-combatant unit added to the loose of the rank of officer was rude blow to her pride.
Then a new wave of rookies joins their ranks, preparing the beginning of the Valmaria Campaign.
Next soon

Friend / Enemies:
- Vosgesian’s Pattern Winged Carapace breastplate (polish winged hussars style)
- Mezoa Pattern Meltaguns
- Rapier sword
- Black fatigues X2
- Parade Uniform
- Leather apron
- Leather gloves
- Driving googles with photo-visor
- Respirator
- Standard Issue Hand axe (replacing knife)
- Standard Issue Mess
- Standard Issue Toiletries
- Hot-Shot Laspistol
- combi–tool + auspex
- mind impulse unit
- Commbead
- Family Ring

Careful: +3
Clever: +2
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +1
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +0

High Concept: Chief Combat Engineer
“The Imperial Guard is the biggest machine of war in the galaxy and we, the servants of the Omnimessiah, are his sacred oil”
Trouble: hylophobia
“Not a forest, not against”
Aspect: Protocol & Etiquette First
“Without proper protocol and rules the Imperium would have collapse long ago, so follow orders private!”
Samia DeBouillon-min.jpg
Quick sketch of Samia
Samia DeBouillon-min.jpg (184.29 KiB) Viewed 885 times
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Postby Zeppo » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:59 pm

Lucius Lachance-min.jpg
Quick sketch of Lucius
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