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Postby Commissar Cat » Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:04 pm

Hello lovelies!
Due to various changes in personal circumstances for the admins and GMs, EO Forum has been without regular GM attendance for some time.

So for the time being, I am GMing and handling the forum plots that are cleared and vetted by the admins.

The future of the forum plot arc also faced difficulty due to the EO comic's rolling haitus.
Originally planned to run simultaneously in parallel with the comic, far more world building and expansion happened in the forum setting over time.
Player factions and characters grew, and after a while the planned plot became rather untenable. The longer the forum existed, the more it became clear that fixed outcome events would not necessarily work.

So rather than fit to the rigid plot that mirrors EO, we are going to retain the spirit of the adventure, but allow the players to influence the outcome a lot more.
This means you will be facing the same challenges and opportunities, but your actions will have much more weight in the direction of the plot.

Main changes and what to look forward to:
- Plot topics will be regularly run by Commissar Cat (indicated by titles) whilst Richard may run NPC cameos as time allows.
- Guideline / help topics will be posted for character and topic creations.
- Wider NPC encounters - players may request appearances and scenes (time allowing) with the NPC cast.

Please join the EO Forum Discord server if you have further questions, or reply here.

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