World Of Rack and 67th Rark Levy Corps

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Postby LordOfWar867 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:42 pm

The Planet Of Rack
Planet Statistics: World Size Diameter: 14,425 kms | Gravity Pull: 1.10 | Orbital Features: 2 Small moons and a Astroird Belt | Atmosphere: 91% Clean, 9% Toxic | Water Covered Surface: 62% | Temperature: Temparte | Weather: Occasional Rain Storms | Population: +100,000,000 | Planet Classification: μ-class | Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum

Environment: Rack has unique one to say at least. Atmosphere's causes the sky to have a red tint to it. Most natural flora is blue colored and some (e.g. tree and such) have a brownish bark and roots. Local water has amber tint to it due to the reflection of the sky and compounds within the water. Temperature of the planet is mostly warm only the north and south poles are frozen and cold.

Animals: There are various animals on Rack such as birds, fish, and mammals. But their 3 animals that stand out from the rest. First are the Crickgons are domestic potery that is similar to a chicken use by the local populations for various uses (mainly eating). Second Jackelvin which eats Crickgons and get hunted by humans to protect their livestock. Final is the Horses which brought by the early human colonist and been living on Rack ever since.

History: It been estimated that first humans had been living on Rack can be trace back to M29 from local lore of the planet. The original reasons why is lost to current records. But it is known that is was rediscovered on 023.M37 by a imperial navy fleet that where sent off course during warp travel. A planet exploration party was formed and sent down the planet. They found a feudal age world with multiple kingdoms accross the planet. Contact started out rough but things gotten smoothly after meetings with the kingdoms of the world. The Imperial Fleet left and soon the kingdoms started a wars of religions as the people started to think that this "Sky Lord Emperor" would bring unification and greatness to world of Rack. In 026.M37 an Imperial detachment was to bring into the Imperium's Fold. After finally searching they found it. When making contact with the Rack Kingdoms and found that these wars of religion cause the people to welcome their visitors with open arms. A sanctioned version of Imperial Cult what establish on the world. A proper tithe system which was set around agricultural products. A void station was set up for the planetary governor to oversee the new planet. The planet has been tithed and monitored ever since.

Feudal Order on Rack: A very top is the Planetary Governor or High King as the local Rackers call him. The Governor live aboard the void station called by "Void Castle" by those who see it from the surface. It's mostly equipped with highest living conditions and technology available by imperial's standards. He's in charge and all must obey his demands or suffer the wrath of his elite guard. Though locals think each high king is a descendant/related to the last one. It's actually just somebody nominated in the last governor's will. Below him are his staff and Imperial branches that also live aboard the station with same living standards. Then on the planet side are region king's who lived by highest feudal age standards. They oversee their own regions (sometimes start wars with each other). Then there are the lords who serve their region kings. Next is the knights which enforce local rule and enforce order when needed. And finally you have the commoners who the average hard working people of the land. Also their are the bandits and maundering raiders but they are often wipe out before they can be a very dire problem, mostly...

Culture and Beliefs: Honor and Chivalry take deep roots within the people. Those who don't believe or go against the such codes are look down by other on Rack. The Emperor is called by "Da Sky Lord Emperor" for they believe that's he's across the sky on Holy Terra. They also don't really have any of their saints has one never arisen from the people. They also longer years causing 1 year in terran to be 2 on Rack.

Racker Dialect: Most and if not all population speak fluent low gothic but with a few exceptions. Words that start th or end is have different pronunciation. For example the is pronounce da, that is dat, there sounds like dere, this as diz, and is as iz.

67th Rark Levy Corps
History of Levies: The act of levying on Rack is a new practice that set in motion that started only about 100 years ago. The population was getting to much to sustained and soon nearby Imperial Guard regiments request new recruits to fill the ranks. So Administratum decided to conscript from the local planets nearby. Rack was on the list and gave 12,000 young males forming into 12 corps of 1,000 men each. These where the first 12 Rack Levy Corps that where scattered across warzone to fill the needs of manpower. Overtime more Levy Corps where raised to fight in the emperor names (Sometime Regiments where raised but very rarely). The 67th where sent to Valmaria to fill the ranks of what left of the regiments in Naris.

Training and Equipment: When the Levies are raised they trained in the basic of drill and melee training by Drill-Knights (Which are veteran knight that teach their experience to others) . Then when the voidships come and pick they up they are given gear from the both their kings and usually from the ships if they are suppose to give them any. They would be next trained with their weapons and gear aboard the voidship their on and once they reach the planet they fight on they integrated to what ever regiment they to reinforce. Some time the uniforms of corps can differ or even given barely any gear (such has the 45th Rack Levy Corps who only given t-shirts, jeans, a knifes). The current gear and clothing of the levies of the 67th are listed below.

67th Rark Levy Corps Clothing:
Upper Layer: Grey flak greaves, grey flak shoulder pads (Left: 67th, Right: Aquila, Both: Color White), grey flak norman helmet (bronze IG Aqulia on the front trim, and Dark brown leather helmet straps), grey flak chestplate (covered by a large short shelve blue tunic and going down to his kneecaps with bronze clasps), and brown insulated flak fiber gloves. Also a dark brown leather waist belt (with sword sheathe, left side) and cross (aka X form) chest belt.
Under Layer: Dim Grey light flak fiber long shelve shirt, pants, and helmet fleece. Dark brown leather jack boots

67th Rark Levy Corps Gear: Sliver Short Sword (20 inches in length) with black handle. Standard M36 Lasgun with Grey Tint and Dark brown leather strap.

[[Notes from Author: It's kinda rough and sometimes grammar some slip right pass me, If anyone has questions and want to point something out and want to give me credit, please private message me about it or just post below]]
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