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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:15 am

Commissar Cat wrote:
Warsmith Wolf wrote:"He who is untouched in form may still be marked in spirit, for Doubt and Fear are as much the enemy's tools as the bullet and blade." Nathaniel knelt, so as not to stand taller than his seated counterpart. "And thus, here you are. What ails you, my brother? "

"..." Yorke began to regret not just simply taking himself to bed at the officer's barracks and Holt's orders be damned.
He settled his eyes on Nathaniel's and for a long moment, a glimpse of the confusion, fatigue, and something that lurked a little deeper swam at the back of Cat's expression. Fear? Guilt? Some hideous child of both, potentially.

And in that moment, the commissar felt almost compelled to explain.
But the moment broke with some sound or other from nearby, a clatter of tools, or slam of boot on a door frame.
And so he didn't. Not that he necessarily could've.

Instead he looked away, a flicker of frustration on his face at the attention, "I am only bruised and burned, sir. I was sent here because I shouted at the senior commissar."
"Yeah you did!" a cheerful Unseen Son paused on her way past, and then scuttled quickly away before the two men could pay full attention.
"He deemed me addled. But I also worry for some of our own, I haven't seen them come in." Yorke attempted to deflect the subject once more, as he glanced around for Dryden, Cat realised he also hadn't seen Halvus enter or leave, "Who was it you came here to administer to? Has someone passed into His light?".

"no one has passed anywhere" interrupted the synthesized voice of metasurgeon cheslock, who came over after organsing treatment for the more greviously injured "and no one needs to be dead or dying for there to be a priest present raymond" almost immediately her auspexes and scanners went to work on the commissar without her customary pause to inform the patient, the speed at which they worked at seemed to suggest that the Metasurgeon was mildly annoyed


as halvus lay in silence and mari, maru and the orderlies got to work a servo skull floated over and began monitoring the lieutenants vital signs, periodically the drone would move to a new poition and adjust the angle at which it scanned from while the humans worked, before long it started to make a beeping noise when the orderlies were removing the chest plate of her flak armour

++caution, preliminary scans suggest unit ribcage has suffered fractures, addendum: heart rate dropping, likelihood of cardiac arrest heightened++ it started beeping even louder twenty seconds later ++warning! warning! heart rate has ceased, unit has gone into cardiac arrest, immediate action required++

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Postby LaxKnight » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:17 am

Mari was ordering a orderly to get some skin graft material when the skull sounded its warning. Her head instantly whipped around to see her patient going into cardiac arrest.

“Everyone get back!” she yelled at no one in particular. She reached into her belt and pulled out a strange vial as she moved to Halvus’ left.

“You two. Strap her down,” She ordered as she pressed a button and a long but thin needle popped out of the end of it. It’s been awhile since she had to do this but no one forgets any time they had to administer adrenaline like this. Making sure the space was clear and that the orderlies were down strapping down her wrists and ankles, she the adrenaline shot with two hands.

“Dear God-Emperor, you have taken your servant to be judged by you,” the Hospitaller began as she heaved up the shot, “Please have her judged worthy of returning to us!”

With that, Mari spiked it into Halvus’ heart.

“Amen!” she said as it automatically delivered its payload. Hopefully this worked.
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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:37 am

a split second after the shot was administered halvus' body sprung into action, inhaling loudly and letting out a strangled cry as her back arched and her upper torso lifted off of the gurney her limbs had been tied to, for all present in the medicae it either looked like a corpse had just been reanimated, or an exorcism was taking place. after a few seconds the lieutenants body seemed to relax back down, taking slow and steady breaths as blood trickled out of one nostril

"...this isn't the throne room" she eventually muttered, her eyes looking around and taking in her surroundings "I could've sworn I was looking at the eternity gate...I was expecting it to be a bit...y'know..bigger.."

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Postby LaxKnight » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:19 am

Mari smiled as she watched Halvus almost literally come back to life.

“Praise the God-Emperor!” she exclaimed as she settled back down.

After Halvus spoke the Hospitaller put a gentle hand on her chest.

“He has more plans for you here, Halvus,” Mari gave her a gentle smile before she grabbed the shot, braced her hand on her chest, and pulled out the needle. She handed it to a waiting orderly and put a quick bandage over the injection point. At that point the orderly with the blood pack returned and Mari did a quick scan with her diagnoster to find a vein before grabbing the Lieutenant’s wrist to stop any struggle and inserted the needle.

“Relax, Lieutenant. You’re going to be here for a while,” Mari said then gestured to the Cadian, “Fear not for your gear either, this Cadian has gathered it for you.”
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Postby Hobbsy » Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:46 am

Joseph, who had almost managed to fall asleep, jolted at the sudden and most unnerving cry. Eyes snapping wide open, his pupils darted around for a moment. As the sound died away, the Bacaran began to mutter a prayer under his breath. If that was a person, Emperor be with them and bless them. If it wasn't, Emperor protect them all.

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Postby Tabitha Maru » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:28 pm

When the hospitaller had told her to, Tabitha had backed away and then stood there basically mesmerized when she had brought out the device and used some rite to bring Halvus' back to life. There were many strange things that the red priests had gifted to the emperor's people and this one seemed to be one of the most mysterious to the young cadian.

That did not make it any less miraculous to see the lieutenant return from the gates of death. Clearly it was as the sister decreed that it was one of the Emperor's miracles. She was blessed to have witnessed something like this.

When the hospitaller told the lieutenant about her gear, it took a moment before she realised they were talking about her and then all she could do was nod sheepishly.
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Postby Commissar Cat » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:07 am

"That's a relief." Cat murmured, "Second Sons were leading, and their reputation has never been one of concern for our own casualties."
Cheslocks initial scan revealed that Yorke was telling the truth and not minimising his problems. Despite his bionic arm being blasted by the Crisis suit weapon, his only real injuries were tissue trauma and burns caused by conductive heat to his shoulder. It was possible that any embedded pins, socket and deeper metalwork were also suffering from heat damage, but without total disassembly amid the chaos, it was not this afternoon's problem.
"Was trying to get out of the way for once, I skidded on the parapet. Filthy weather and old boots on flagstones." Yorke was watching the door again rather than looking fully at either the priest or Cheslock.

His heart rate and related readings were fairly typical for someone going through the aftermath of combat stress, the only real irregularity being the amount of time passed since.
Still taking treatments for his eye and actually attending PT, Yorke for once came across as pretty damn healthy compared to the average patient.
It did seem the commissar was indeed here due to being scolded rather than immediate medical necessity.


Ollie saw that Thea was given her drip to hydrate, and that her armour was stowed safely in a Medicae locker, the nurse returning the key to her for reassurance.
"Miss. If you are in significant discomfort, or begin to feel feverish, immediately inform someone. Severe pain is a sign that something is going wrong. Do not 'tough it out' or whatever the guard motto is. Please."
His voice sounded almost concerned, before he departed.

Ollie moved along to the next bed, and found Krast still waiting, still bleeding and mumbling. Checking the Cadian's ID, he sent Nurse Joy for a small amount of compatible blood, and some generic plasma.
However something about Krast's breathing and his pupils told the Techpriest that he had taken something very potent. That made things complicated.

Using his ungloved hand, Ollie reached and took Krast's wrist on his uninjured side. Noticing the clammy skin, he took the man's pulse the old fashioned way, allowing Ollie to feel the strength of his heart beat as much as the rhythm. It was still hammering and erratic.
"Can you please tell me what you took, sir? Do you still have the container?" he spoke softly, "You are not in any danger of punishment, but we can't give you more drugs or stop the bleeding if we don't know what is already in your system."

Mari was still dealing with the Lieutenant, and Ollie suspected that the Cadian would be less likely to answer honestly to a Sister. He cast his gaze around the area, "Metasurgeon?"

==++ [Private FAO; Metasurgeon Cheslock re. Krag R Krast]:
Patient status: Unstable. Free bleeding from plasma burst weaponry.
Immediate issue: Has taken unregulated "stims", still present in his system. No substance analysis, unequipped to perform such.

Cannot proceed with treatment without doing harm. Untrained to administer counter measures. Please advise or attend when possible.

#0LL-13 ++==

The infoburst was short and discrete, though a little less formal than typical guard communication. Ollie was out of practise.

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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:34 am

"Won't go far" halvus replied, grimacing slightly as the syringe was removed before giving a grin at her own joke.

upon receiving the message from ollie, cheslock immediately knew what to do "indeed, well the only thing damaged appears to be the bionic" she told yorke as she sent a return message to the other tech priest

==++ Reply[Private FAO; Metasurgeon Cheslock re. Krag R Krast]:
solution: we swap patients, subject yorkes bionic is well outside my field of expertise++==

without another word the metasurgeon moved away from yorke and towards krast, pausing to speak to an orderly "please grab a dose of detox and a bucket" she said before continuing on only to stop again in front of Maru
"while it is ok to stow her armour here, weapons need to be checked into the locker at the entrance."

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Postby LaxKnight » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:32 pm

Thea gave an appreciative nod to Ollie as he gave her the key. She gave a small chuckle at the disdain for toughing something out.

"I will, thanks," she said before he left. Once he did she sighed, "Hopefully I won't be here too long," before closing her eyes to get some well deserved rest.


Mari finished putting in the other bag of fluids in Halvus’ arm before she injected some antibiotics into the fluid bag then looked over Halvus again. Progress, but still lots of work. She's going to be here a while.

“You have a few third degree burns. I’m going to need to clean them out and it’s going to feel uncomfortable at the least,” she said, “You might have to be sedated. Do you want to now or until necessary?”
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Postby blinddeadmcjones » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:49 am

still somewhat addled by the experience, it took halvus a minute or two to think about the choices offered.

"wait until it's necessary" she replied, her voice having a groggy edge to it "if at all, a little clean doesn't sound like much to warrant sedatives..."

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