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Trooper Lohgan and “Friends” Redux Page.

Due to the Long and Confusing Layout of my original Character page, and the fact I can only have few links in my signature, I decided to reorganize and rebuild my character page. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:
*Character Name* (Faction)-*Extra notes*

Shas’la Kai’es Moh’at (T’au) - WIP
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Lance Corporal Alya “Hera Donovan” Talus

Name: Hera Donovan
Real Name: Alya Talus
Age: 19
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170lbs
Rank: Lance Corporal
Regiment: Valmarian PDF, Naris Division (Secretly Special Intelligence Operative for Holt) Technically integrated into Cadian 58th.
Born: Valmaria (Agriworld)
Training: Basic PDF Training, Drove Officer Around A lot, Basic IG Training
Language Spoken: Low Gothic
Notes: Hera is and unfortunate alias that she did not choose.

Appearance: Golden-Blonde Hair and Blue-eyes. Her hair is cut short. Likes to roll up her sleeves. Pair of goggles hang around her neck or on her forehead. Tattoo on her left shoulder is a heart that says “A+H”. Tattoo on the right shoulder is Valmaria Symbol. The Imperial Aquila Tattooed on lower back.

History: Alya Talus had just graduated from the local Schola, and turned 18. She was now considered an adult. With a few friends from her graduating class, she set out to celebrate. It was quite the party. Alya might have had a bit too much to drink, but it was probably the best night of her life. The next day, she woke up to the Hell of a Planetary Defense Force Drill Instructor. Somehow, someway, sometime during the party, Alya had enlisted into the Valmarian PDF, under the name Hera Donovan. The DI was not amused by her attempt to rectify the situation. “Hera” was put through the roughest PT the DI could think of, while hungover. It sucked. It got worse. Despite earning the rank of Lance Corporal, mostly so the officers could brag about a higher rank of enlisted driver, Naris and Valmaria rebelled and fell to the dreaded Tau. Despite the majority of the PDF defecting, “Hera” still had shreds of hope that her life would return to normalcy and fled to the Imperium Lines. Unfortunately after the Imperium Bombardment and Destruction of the Old Capital, all records of Alya Talus was lost. Now “Hera” is trapped as one of the few loyal PDF Guardsman and hopes to the Emperor it stays that it doesn’t get any worse than it already has.

More Recent History: Hera, being the only loyal member of her PDF squad spent much of her time serving on guard duty on the Eastern Gate. Recently a large group of refugees approached the gate demanding why the Guard had kicked them out of their hab. Hera volunteered to help organize and talk with refugees, and then later “volunteered” to serve in the investigation force. In the aftermath of the operation, Hera discovered a lense apparently belonging to the Rogue Trader’s Forces. After reporting the information to Holt, the Commissar recruiter to act as an intelligence Operative and double agent for Holt to spy on the Trader’s Forces.

Standard Imperial PDF Kit (Flak, Uniform, Helmet, Toiletries, Etc)
Goggles for Driving
A pair of white gloves
Polishing kit for the officers Vehicles
Lasgun with Bayonet
Pocket Watch that’s broken. Not originally hers. Was on her when she woke up after the drunken party.
Aquila Pendant (Secret Holt Signal)


FRAK Stats:
Careful - 4
Clever - 2
Flashy - 1
Forceful - 0
Quick - 2
Stealthy - 2 (1 + 1 due to Hall of Virtue)

Concept: Where does Ayla end, and Hera Begin?
Aspect: Survival is more than living.
Trouble: Fear of losing Alya forever.
2nd Aspect from Hall of Virtue: Brother In Arms (Savin)
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Private First Class Cade Lohgan

Name: Cade Lohgan
Age: 18
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 155lbs.
Rank: Private First Class (Whiteshield First Class)
Birth: Dalea (Agriworld)
Current Regiment: Cadian 58th Mechanized ‘Carnadons’
Former Regiment: Daleon 92nd ‘Silver Shots’
Training: Daleon Military Training Program and Boot Camp. Special Anti-Ork Training Course.
Language Spoken: Low Gothic
Luck: Pitful
Notes: He wasn’t supposed to be here. Oops.

Appearance: Shaggy, Dirty Blonde Hair. Green eyes. Light Skin Tone. Daleon Uniform (Black Uniform with Silver-Grey Armor Pieces. Occasionally wears a black soft cap instead of helmet. Missing Tooth (Top row, right side, fourth from the back). Sideburns and whiskers starting on his chin. Still has a farmboy wonder in his look.

History: Cade Lohgan grew up on a farm on an Agri World Known as Dalea. While he may have dreamed about it adventure, he never expected to actually have any. Then he was conscripted into the Daleon 92nd ‘Silver Shots’ at age 17. Sped through the 1 year training program (which earned him the rank of Private First Class so obviously he did fair to midland) he was shipped off to Emperor-Knows-Where to backup Mordians fighting orks or something like that. Thing is, he may be in an Emperor-Knows-Where Location, but it isn’t the one he’s conscripted for. One decimal place off and now he’s on Planet Valmaria in Naris. Fighting Tau. Not Orks. Oops. Too late to do anything about it now.

Recent History: During a Routine Patrol mission, Cade got lost in Blackwater. There he learned his hatred for Swamp Owls and discovered the mystery that his exploding Tau.

Standard Daleon Kit: Lasgun, Helmet, Flak Armor, etc.
Standard Used Cadian Kit (No Lasgun, but an extra helmet is cool. Even if it’s green and smells like blood)
Two Spare Uniforms (Lucky he still has those, the Cadian Kit is the wrong color).
One Cadian Uniform (Just in case I guess)
Boot Polish (very important. He’s not sure why, but the Sgt. in Boot Camp told him it was)
Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer Non-Naris Version.
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer Naris Version (Newly Issued. Don’t know why he needs two, but if the Commissars say have two, he better have two.)
White Shield's Coloring Book (Has no idea where this came from. It’s was in the kit the Commissars gave him when he arrived. Depressingly, no colors for it.)
Beige Flavored Field Ration Bar (A Junior Commissar Gave him one when he arrived. The Junior Commissar is weird. Asked him if he watched Ciphas Cain. Now he’s scheduled to have the first few seasons summarized so he can ‘catch up’)
Amasec Bottle

FRAK Stats:
Careful - 2
Clever - 1
Flashy - 1 (Whiteshield, it’s as good as he gets)
Forceful - 3 (Trained to Fight Orks)
Quick - 2
Stealthy - 0 (There’s a Litany of Stealth!?)

High Concept: He’s here now whether he likes it or not.
Trouble: He’s not supposed to be here.
Aspect: Ork, Tau, same dif right guys?

Additional Notes:
Inspired by the Concept of what happened to Trooper Larn in Fifteen Hours. Uniform image from Imperial Guard Codex Third Edition (512 Cadian).

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Junior Commissar Elias Ignatius Kainen
Picture Coming Soon

Name: Elias Ignatius Kainen
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 160lbs
Rank: Commissar Junior Grade
Regiment: 404th Crimson Raiders “The Crimson Heads” Auxiliary to 58th Cadian Mechanized
Born: Haedes V, Hive World, Second Tier Citizen.
Training: Haedes V Ascended Schola, Course Commissariat.

Appearance: Fair Skin, Silver/White Hair Spiked up in the front with sideburns. Wears Typical Commissar Uniform as well as transition glasses.

History: Elias Kainen was an orphan, knowing neither his parents or lineage, thus being a Second Tier Citizen on Haedes V. As such he was immediately “adopted” into the Local Schola’s Course Commissariat, and trained to be a Commissar. Being fascinated with Books at a young age, including both non-fiction and fiction, Elias quickly rose to high marks in many of his instructors eyes. However, it was soon discovered that he lacked a crucial ability for a Commissar: an ability to communicate with his peers. While not fearing his fellows, he did not communicate with them, sometimes for days on end, if he did not have to. When he did, his habit of using big and confusing words in order to prove his intelligence usually annoyed or drove them away. While he could quote a famous Commissar’s speech, he did not have the presence or voice to back it up. Nevertheless, His grades and determination earned him the rank of Junior Commissar, and many of his instructors believed that being put under the right Commissar would eventually weed out this flaw. After all, during his years of study, he had at one point managed to win the heart of another student, somehow. It was probably the glasses. The relationship didn’t last however, and despite being on good terms, they were separated by assignment. They realized their futures could not be together if the God-Emperor willed them to be Galaxies apart. She gave him a silver Pocket Chrono as a parting gift. Never one to shirk his duties however, Elias gladly accepted his assignment and was transferred off-world, and not soon after, was shipped to Valmaria, in hopes that the Lead Commissars there could make a full Commissar out of him. Of course, someone may have mistaken Holt for a different Holt, but that’s another story.

More Recent History: Elias was taken under the wing of Commissar James Merek, a senior Commissar also from Haedes V. Merek gave his Junior Commissar a few documents and texts to study but their time together was short lived. During a mission, Merek's Chimera was ambushed and the entire squad has gone MIA, presumed to be KIA, but there's been no confirmation. It fell to Kainen to take up Merek's role as head Commissar of the Attachment but the Junior Commissar doubts his abilities and readiness for the position and let's the Officers and Commissars of the Carnodons handle the majority of the command, opting to only step in if it contradicts what little Merek taught him. Or if Junior Commissar Gunner is involved, as Kainen distrust his judgement and abilities.

Standard Commissar Uniform with Junior Commissar Sash and armored chest plate.
Transition-Lens Glasses
Pocket Chrono With a picture of his ex (no he doesn’t want to talk about her)
Notebook of Litanies and Prayers
Notebook of Current Studies
Notebook of Inspirational Speeches (none of which are his own)
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer Naris Version (Commissar Edition)
Bolt Pistol
Sabre-Styled Power Sword

FRAK Stats:
Careful - 2
Clever - 3
Flashy - 0
Forceful - 1
Quick - 2
Stealthy - 1

High Concept: Deadly Bookworm
Trouble: Overeducated lack of People Skills
Aspect: Knowledge and Faith, Appliances for Conquest

Note: Haedes V is Hive World Created for my Imperial Guard Regiment, 404th Crimson Raiders (aka Crimson Heads) in my first 40K roleplay.

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Sergeant Kites Ego

Name: Kites Ego
Age: 25
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 190lbs
Rank: Buck Sergeant (Formally 1st Lieutenant)
Birth: Naris, Valmaria (Though his parents were both from offworld)
Regiment: McKinnon’s Rebel Planetary Defense Force (Do they have a name?)
Training: PDF Training, Non-Commissioned Officer Training, Officer Training
Language Spoken: Low Gothic

Appearance: Tall and Lanky, Long-shoulder length, dark brown hair, cybernetic left eye (despite me occasionally drawing it on the other eye). Usually wears a bandana on his head. Kites has a thick stubble growing.

History: Kites Ego and his brother Vic were up-and-coming hotshots even before joining Valmaria’s PDF. Having offworld parents and non-native accents, they always stood out, even at a young age. There were two options, either let that be a detriment, or let that be a strength. They used their ability to stand out to gather attention and make waves. It was believed whatever they put their minds to, they’d go somewhere with it. Even after joining the PDF, the brothers quickly rose through the ranks, making it to officers in record time. However, this is where Kites’s career peaked and his youthful, ambitious dreams began to crumble. Then the Tau invaded. Despite his efforts, he failed to repel the xenos forces and was wounded, losing his left eye, his whole squad, and his brother. His failure cost him his commission and he was demoted to buck Sergeant. This defeat soured his opinion on both the Tau and the Imperium. Though he hasn’t fully forsaken the Emperor, the seeds of doubt have been planted, and he questions the true motives of the Imperial Military not to mention those of the Rogue Trader. When the PDF defected, he too abandoned the Imperials, but his initial battles with the Tau and his upbringing to hate the Xenos still prevented him from siding with them. This however has left him with nothing. The War still rages with no signs of stopping. All that is left for him is to fight for Naris, for Valmaria. Siding with a few similarly minded individuals, Kites decides to keep fighting, if not for anything else but to hold onto his last shred of his former life and dreams. He is tired, his spirit has been broken, he is down….but he is not yet out, and if neither the Tau or the Militarum isn’t going to fix things, then perhaps it is time they moved out.

Recent History: NA

Friends and Allies: Allied with the small regiment of PDF troops that continue fighting both the Imperium and Xenos forces. Still has a desire to help the Locals, though, if not a beaten down desire.

Enemies:The Xenos filth that invaded and ruined everything, and the Imperium that has abandoned them for its own cruel pleasure. Also the Rogue Trader. Never liked Rogue Traders before anyways.

Valmarian PDF Uniform and Flak Armor.
NCO Headset
Sergeant’s Chainsword.
NCO Laspistol.
Combat Knife.
2 Frag Grenades.
Lense cleaner for his cybernetic eye.
Fingerless Gloves
Shaving Kit he hasn’t used in a while.
Couple packs of Iho sticks (usually carries one pack on him)

Careful - 0
Clever - 2
Flashy - 2
Forceful - 3
Quick - 1
Stealthy - 1

High Concept: Tired Warrior
Trouble: Broken spirit.
Aspect: Down but not quite out

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Leutnant Unit #9453/31-301 'Heiden Stern'

Name: Unit #9453/31-301 ‘Heiden Stern
Age: 35 (vat grown)
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 220lbs.
Rank: Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
Birth: Medical Complex 03, Hive 05 "Nachtstadt" Krieg, Segmentum Tempestus
Current Experimentalle Kriegstoßtruppen #9453
Training: Neueskrieginfanterietruppen Programme 01 (+Leutnant), (New Krieg Infantry Troops Programme unit No. 1, +Officer Training) Training Complex 008, Hive 05, Krieg
Language Spoken: Kriegsprache, Low Gothic, High Gothic, picking up on Valmarian Native Slang
Notes: WIP.
Additional Notes: Special thanks to Johannes Wyss von Krieg. Name inspired by Volkmar the Grim (Volkmar von Hindenstern)

Appearance: Typical Krieg Build, with slightly more broad shoulders. Beneath his mask, Krieg levels of pale skin, with Royal Blue Iris in his eyes. Seems to give an Icy stare at all times. Well groomed undercut haircut. Normal eyebrows. Surprisingly, no scars on his face or head.
Leutnant Uniform with Red trim and tall riding boots. Caraprace armor over uniform. Great coat over top.

History: As part of the 945th Experimental Krieg Infantry programme, #9453/31-301 is capable of more independent thought than that of a usual Krieger. Being an Luetnant of Scouts, #9453/31-301 is tasked with handling, monitoring, and organizing Kreiger Scouts and Operations. While being an officer and not intended to handle infiltrations himself, he’s a capable Scout in his own right, knowing when to correct or advise his subordinates. He also specializes interpretation and translation of communications and human speak, being able to act as an interpreter when needed.
#9453/31-301 was not pleased when #9453/8-316 was added as his subordinate, as her ‘imperfections’ seemed to hinder her progresses during training. However trusting #9453/1-101 as his superior, and witnessing #9453/8-316’s own efforts to prove her capabilities, #9453/31-301 began to see the merit in having her in his squad, choosing to rely on her for difficult tasks despite others perhaps being better suited.
After the disbanding of the Regimet, after -[[REDACTED]]-, #9453/31-301 (also Luetnant Heiden Stern) followed #9453/1-101's company and was deployed to Valmaria.

Friends and Allies: Hauptgefreiter Unit #9453/8-316 'Erika Hass' (Direct Subordinate), Hauptmann Unit #9453/1-101 'Johannes Wyss' (Superior). For the most part chooses not to be sociable and strickly work/relations. That said he has a soft spot for soldiers who are willing to perform above and beyond, which is why he is so willing to put up with Erika’s ‘misadventures’. Views Johannes Wyss as a father figure, and is constantly willing to alleviate any of the stress Johannes has to deal with.

Enemies: All foes of the Imperium. Has a special distaste for Traitors and Heretics.

-Officer Sabre
-Officer Specialised Longlas Rifle
-Mono Knife
-Frag Grenades x4
-Smoke Grenades x2
-Krieg Carapace Armour
-Krieg Respirator
-M39 Entrenching Tool
-Cameleoline Cloak
-Poor Weather Gear
-Krieg Flak-Insulated Greatcoat
-Rechargeable Lamp Pack
-Cartography & Map-Drawing kit
-Basic Toolkit
-Water Canteen
-Grooming Kit
-Dog Tags
-Metalic Rucksack (+Officer VOX Caster)
-Krieg Officer Uniform (+1 Spare)
-Uniform & Tools Maintenance kit
-Blanket & Sleeping Bag
-Mess Kit
-Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer- Naris Print

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Specialist Thorek Commonforge

Name: Thorek Commonforge
Age: 225
Height: 3.7 feet tall.
Weight: 212lbs
Rank: Abhuman Specialist
Regiment: XIV 2232 Torrent Anvils, Special Engineering Team Assigned to the Narisian Front
Born: Abhuman District, Squat Colony: Kadrin, Imperial World: Zhudul-riff
Training: Schola of the Forge Kadrin, Basic Training Torrent Anvils, Abhuman Guardsman Training Zhudul Fists.
Language Spoken: Low Gothic, Native Squat Language, Minor Mechanicus Code.
Notes: Homo sapien Rotundus.

Appearance: Dark Brown-Black Beard and Hair. Stocky Squat Build. Torrent Anvils Uniform (Tradition Squat Uniform, Red with Black Trim). Wears a Cap and Sunglasses.

History: Many Cycles ago, the Zhudul-riff, a Squat colony, was annexed by the Imperium of Man. Humans quickly took over as the dominate population on the planet leaving only a small percentage of the world to the Homo Sapien Rotundus that originally colonized there. This Section of the Planet became known as Forge Kadrin, and would be the home of the Torrent Anvils, Abhuman Specialists sent to assist Guardsman Regiments across the Imperium and it’s many battlefields assisting or replacing Enginseers as needed, assisting in mechanical, smithery, and technological tasks.
Thorek Commonforge, is one of these brave Squats.
Specialist Commonforge, was assigned to the XIV 2232 Torrent Anvils, as a Squat Guardsman. Coming from a family of proud warriors, Specialist Commonforge gladly accepted his duty. Befriending his comrades in arms he stood guard while the experts tinkered and repaired and built. Learning from them he too began to build his craft.
Then the squad was attached to the Narisian front. The Torrent Anvils were put to work immediately, building up the base and communication networks under the watchful of Ad Mech forces. However though on many occasion the Mechanicus had gotten along with the Anvils, this time they butted heads, disapproving of the way command shoddily handle the base preparations. A such, the abhuman squad would constantly moved off base to set up outposts. During one such mission, the outpost was attacked. The Squat forces, and few human guards sent with them fought proudly, but they were severely outnumbered. Too proud to run, the abhumans kept fighting. Until one by one they fell in battle. Olaf, Brok, Tosen, Khaz, Gotree, Alhak, Errik, Grun, Barrek. When reinforcements came, there was nothing left, save one lone squat, building the communication tower. Thorek too stubborn to retreat from the task, too proud to give in.
Specialist Commonforge, was moved back to the main base, where he doubles as a guardsman and repair crew, part timing at the repair shop.

Like most Squats, Thorek worships his Ancestors, and views the God-Emperor of Mankind as the guardian of their spirits. As such he feels duty bound to serve, not only to make up for his the loss of his comrades, but to continue to prove his honour in his ancestors eyes.

Equipment: Lasgun w/Bayonet attachment.
Torrent Anvils Uniform with Softcap and Hard Toe Boots.
Damaged Power Hammer (Originally belonged to Olaf. Not functional)
Large Wrench
Small Notebook with pencil
Toolbelt (Originally Khaz’s)
Mess kit
Fold out shovel
Frag Grenades (2)
Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer (Abhuman)
Dog Tags

FRAK Stats:
Careful - 2
Clever - 2
Flashy - 1
Forceful -3
Quick - 0 (Squats aren’t fast)
Stealthy - 1

Concept: Honorbound Survivor
Aspect: Stubborn, Begrudging Duty
Trouble: Too stubborn to quit

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Name: Tiesel-19/4
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200
Rank: Skitarii Ranger
Regiment: Bonnam
Born: South Eastern Quarter Forge 4 of Forge World Bonnam
Training: Skitarii Training/Programming,
Language: Low Gothic, Binaric Cant,

Appearance: White and Red Robes. Cybernetic eyes. Standard Cybernetic legs and right arm.

Description: The Bonnam Forges are relatively new. Keyword here is relative. While they’ve been around for quite some time, they have yet to create a substantial fighting force, compared to other Forgeworlds. As such, the troops are usually broken up into small auxiliary forces to support larger movements or reenforce other Skitarri Regiments who have lost sizable troops. The Bonnam regiment on Valmeria….aren’t supposed to be there. They were merely passing through to be shipped to another front. Now they are stuck until the battlefield clears up.
Tiesel-19/4 is one of the Regiment’s Units, a Skitarri Ranger. While he typically acts upon approve parameters of a Skitarii Ranger, he has been shown to express erratic behavior, occasionally losing his temper or showing signs of enjoyment in combat. Under normal circumstances he would have been sent to maintenance but those have been put on hold until a more practical time. On rare occasions, these flaws have also been converted into practical if not tactical uses.

Galvanic Rifle
Skitarii War Plate
Cybernetic Right Arm
Cybernetic Eyes (Both)
Sample Case

Careful: 2
Clever: 3
Quick: 1
Sneaky: 2
Flashy: 0
Forceful: 1

High Concept: Tactical Admech Action
Trouble: Hot Tempered Grenade
Aspect: Sometimes flaws can be benefits.

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