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First attempt at making a character. He is based on the actual leader of my Necromunda Gang in Necromunda 18.

Name: Ardex “Thunderbeast” Crusher: (Batch 3.983.M41 Tank 2 Labor Designation)
Gender: Male
Age: 18yo (decanted 9 327 983 M41
Height: 3m (9 ft 10 in
Weight: 317.5kg (700lbs)
Notes: Injector marks on right arm inside elbow. Massively muscled as all Goliath stock. Cybernetic left arm.
Regiment: Formerly- Necromunda 13th Infantry Regiment “Unlucky Scummers”, Present- Attached to Unseen Sons.
Born: Necromunda: Hive Secundus
Training: Goliath Gang Juve – Rekar's Wreckers, Necromunda Standard Basic Training – Hive Secundus.
Languages: Necromunda Dialect Low Gothic, Imperial Semaphore

History: Ardex' early life was filled with muscle building and strength training before at the age of ten joining the Ironworks labor crews. Three years later he was inducted into local gang Rekar's Wreckers where he proved skilled with a Spudjacker. During his time with the gang a Space Marine recruiter visited twice, he tried out and failed both of his attempts. Having washed out of candidacy and subsequently aged out of selection Ardex chose to join the guard at 16. He was attached to the Necromunda 13th and subsequently detached after the loss of his entire squad in a training accident, it really wasn't his fault other humans were so squishy. Ardex was sent to the penal legions as punishment and ended up among the Unseen Sons.

Friends: None alive.
Enemies: Foulest Xenos, and House Escher.
Gear: Furnace Plate Armor
Stub Cannon
Armored Forge Gauntlets
Collected junk to trade for Stimms
Stimm Packs (as many as he can get)
Respirator mask.

High Concept: Space Marine Washout
Trouble: Stimm Addiction
General Aspect: Notice Me!


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