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Name: Abram Blackburn

Age: Mid-twenties

Rank: Cpl.

Regiment: IV Illisian Rifles

Homeworld: Illisus

Abram stands at about 5'10.5, and weighs approximately 168 pounds. His somewhat curly hair is a medium-brown color, and his eyes are similarly so. Usually sporting a short, well groomed beard, he has had to since become clean shaven to prevent it from interfering with his helmet strap. The most notably unusual feature he bears is the presence of chemical burn-scars on the backs of his hands, which run up to a little below his elbows. Caused by a run-in with the native fauna of Illisus, he is quite lucky that those were the only affected areas.

Born into an “average” Illisian family, Abram spent most of the time away from his home, studying the vocal arts. At the age of sixteen, he was studying opera, and had become a minor celebrity amongst the upper echelons of Illisian society, who enjoyed such things. However, the income wasn’t enough to be considered incredibly stable, so he joined the Illisian reserves to get a bit more money, and the whole “serve your planet, serve the Emperor” deal was a nice bonus. Most of this time was spent dealing with the constant infestation of cytospheres and their other such forms. Due to the nature of these confrontations, Abram’s unit, the Illisian IV Rifles, had been neglected the live fire experience most Illisian units gain from fighting insurrections on the planet’s moons. To compensate, Abram and the rest of his lot have been attached to various guard regiments in areas of higher intensity in the hopes of establishing them as a veteran force to join the core units that hold the Illisian PDF together.

Abram has a small pin on his fatigues collar, from some vocal competition or another. He is somewhat obessive with keeping it clean and in place.

The Illisian PDF relies heavily upon individual cities raising groups of men to send into service, who are equipped and trained to act as a standing military that can organize and arm civilian militias should it come under attack. Abram received training fairly on par with a standard guardsman, though primarily geared for defensive engagements against a close-combat oriented foe. Abram's training has centered closer around how to operate land mines, and he can pick out the best way to arrange them if told where the enemy is coming from.

1x Flak Armor (Illisian paint scheme)
2x Standard Illisian fatigues.
1x Agripinaa Pattern Autogun
2x/2x Rectangular clips of ammunition for said autogun
1x/1x Drum clip of ammunition for said autogun
?x/?x Landmines (however many I’m allowed)
1x Imperial Infantryman's uplifting primer (Naris Print)
1x Mess kit
1x Armored Backpack for carrying landmines x?, as well as aformentioned Drum Clip
1x Illisian-standard Demolitions Kit (includes 1x roll of electrical wire, 1x wire cutter, 1x portable soldering iron, and detonator. This kit is to be used for disarming live ordnance and using mines as IEDs if required.). Kit is attatched underneath Armored Backpack.
1x Folder of(stuffed with) sheet music.
1x sleeping bag

High Concept
A good explosion is like a well written composition.
Get that Lho stick away from me!
Soldier of song.

Careful - 3
Clever - 2
Flashy - 1
Forceful - 1
Quick - 2
Sneaky - 0
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Urban SHark
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Name: Everard Goldscheider
# 1365/1-800
Age: 32

Rank: Hauptgefreiter

Regiment: (Formerly) 189th Regiment

Homeworld: Krieg

Appearance: #1365/1-800 stands at Everard tends to stand out from the other Kriegers on Naris due to his uniform, being green in color, as opposed to the usual greys. His hair is kept near buzz-cut length, but more than often covered by his stahlhelm and respirator. The reason Everard’s uniform bears a different color is that in the havoc of his former deployment zone, he ended up being given a role foreign to most Kriegers.

History: As mentioned above, #1365/1-800 adopted a unique roll while engaged with his former regiment in their desperate attempt to break through the forces of a rebel planet, which had several rings of earthworks making their way up a low mountain and the surrounding area, the pinnacle of which housed the residence of the wayward governor. Everard’s purpose became that of reconnaissance, and he was given his new uniform. The tasks he undertook primarily consisted of marking enemy fortifications and infrastructure for bombardment or capture, using flares to identify targets. The regiment’s actions were for naught, however, as virtually the entire force was eventually wiped out, and other Imperial forces brought in to finish the task.

Training: Given standard training of the Death Korps, Everard adapted to his new role during the events of the mountain siege. Because of this, he is not as stealthy as others who have dedicated their lives to sneaking.

1x Lucius Pattern Lasgun(It has rags wrapped around most of the front half to cover the shiny bits of metal)
1x Green Krieg Uniform
1x Flak armor
1x Magnoculars
1x Krieg Respirator
1x Stahlhelm
2x Green Flares (flare gun ammunition)
2x Red Flares (flare gun ammunition)
1x flare gun (I can possibly just use normal flares, but either works)
1x throwable green smoke
1x throwable red smoke
1x Mono-Knife
-Frag Grenades (2/2)
1x Ident Tag
1x Micro Bead
1x Poor Weather Gear
1x Rucksack
1x Water Canteen
Sandbag (4/4)
1xBasic Toolkit
1x Entrenching Tool 9-70
1x Grooming Kit
1x Lamp Pack
1x Mess Kit
1x Blanket & Sleeping Bag
Rations (17 Days)
1x Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer- Naris Print

High Concept:
You don’t need to use a gun to cause havoc.
I like the pretty colors.*
Basically a human git’finda.

Careful - 3
Clever - 2
Flashy - 0
Forceful - 2
Quick - 1
Sneaky - 1

* He has a tendency to get distracted by the flare for a few moments once it goes up, and also by whatever subsequent explosions may occur once he's out of the blast zone.

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