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(grabbed the pic off the interwebs)
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Sergeant Ackerman
Name: Finbarr Ackerman
Age: Late thirties to late forties
Height 6'2''
Weight: around 230 lbs
Regiment: 3rd Molovian Fine Infantry "The Phoenixes"
Born: Cadriel, Molov Prime
Training: Received extended training at
Physical Characteristics: A large man, he can be quite intimidating in appearance. Known for being constantly clean-shaven and presentable. His left arm is tattooed up to his shoulder with neatly arranged tally marks (one can only speculate their meaning) which make the background of a bright phoenix wrapped around the arm.
Notes: Known to be a just man in regards to his men. Becomes operator-as-frak when the need arises. He carries extra magazines for the express purpose of being able to fight longer.

History: Ackerman joined the guard as soon as he was of age and as soon as they began to recruit for the first time in the Molov System. After excelling at training, he and others were sent out-system to for extended training. When they returned with an Inquisitor, all kinds of rumors began to circulate; However, it is unknown where he went, only that he operated under the right hand of the Inquisitor from then forth and was his go-to guardsman, seemingly regardless of his rank. After the fall of Molov Prime, Ackerman requested the 3rd to be the first regiment out the system.

-Lightweight Navy Blue Carapace armor emblazoned with Phoenix on the chest piece.
-Laspistol and Chainsword
-Combat knife/ Bayonet
-Merovech Pattern Assault Las-Carbine - 10 charge packs
-Frag and Krak grenades - 2
-Tan Molovian fatigues
-A rucksack containing: medkit, sleeping bag, identification, small vox, Rations, Primer, Questionable book w/ symbol of Inquisition on the cover, a box of cigars

High Concept: Understanding
Trouble: Follows regulations the majority of the time

Forceful = +3
Careful = +2
Clever = +2
Quick = +1
Sneaky = +1
Flashy = +0
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: Sergeant Finbarr Ackerman, Trooper Jens Kozlev, Sergeant-At-Arms Nils Dehker,

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Guardsmen Jens
Name: Jens Kozlev
Age: Mid-thirties
Height 5'10''
Weight: around 150 lbs
Regiment: 3rd Molovian Fine Infantry "The Phoenixes"
Born: Calistro, Molov Prime
Training: Cadriel Marksman's Academy
Friends and Enemies: Respects PDF and dislikes underhive

Characteristics: Jens is a relatively tall red-headed woman. She joined the guard after leaving her noble blood behind in return for a dose of reality. She despises her spoiled past and strives to be the best guardswoman she can be. She is good friends with Ackerman and they enjoyed sharing cigars when they weren't in low supply (since they arrived on Naris basically).

History: After a traumatizing encounter with an underhive mob, Jens joined the PDF in order to punish them. When recruiting began for the guard, she volunteered and received marksman training in Cadriel where she was reassigned to Sergeant Ackerman's squad shortly before the fall of Molov Prime.

-Navy Blue Molovian Flak armor
-Camo Molovian Fatigues
-Camo Cloak
-Long-Las with silencer - 6 charge packs
-Laspistol emblazoned with a Phoenix on it - 2 charge packs
-A rucksack containing: medkit, sleeping kit, Primer, family emblem, literature book, Iho sticks.

High Concept: Respects her superiors
Trouble: Doesn't like underhivers
Aspect: Feisty

Sneaky = +3
Careful = +2
Flashy = +2
Quick = +1
Forecful = +1
Clever = +0
: Sergeant Finbarr Ackerman, Trooper Jens Kozlev, Sergeant-At-Arms Nils Dehker,

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(Grabbed the pic off the interwebs)
SAA Dehker - Edited (1).jpg
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Seargeant-At-Arms Dehker
Name: Nils Dekher
Age: Early-thirties
Height 6'0''
Weight: around 240 lbs
Regiment: (Reassigned) 3rd Molovian Fine Infantry "The Phoenixes"
Born: Reinsk, Molov Segundus
Training: (MSINA) Molov System Imperial Naval Academy
Friends and Enemies: Despises Heretics, fond of Naval personel

Characteristics: A decently tall and muscular man, Dehker has a bionic right forearm and the symbol of MSINA tattooed on his back. He keeps his hair in a buzzcut. He is almost always seen in some form of naval uniform. His helmet has been hand-engraved with naval sayings. When free, he spends time with others from the Molovian 3rd or at the bar. Although positive a lot of the time, he sometimes needs something to bring him out of the dumps. For important occasions, usually wears his best naval uniform with the deceased captain's jacket over his shoulders. When not in armor, wears ACUs.

History: Dehker wasn't exactly positive when he was reassigned right out of the Academy to the Zephyr, the transport ship bringing the Molovian 3rd Regiment to Naris. The captain assigned Dehker the role of Sergeant-at-arms, the person who unlocks the armory and coordinates tactical teams (armsmen, equivalent to twentieth-century marines) onboard the ship, because he viewed Dehker as arrogant and inexperienced. When Zephyr left system, they were tailed by a vessel of chaos heretics. Noticing them, the Zephyr and the vessel (which both had few armaments) entered ship-to-ship combat via boarding parties. Dehker fought with honor and rage as he, the naval tactical teams, and the Molovian 3rd pushed the heretics back into their own vessel and ultimately finished them off. The skeleton crew still left alive struggled to keep the Zephyr on the course and to maintain command after the Captain and his higher ranking officers were killed by converts. About three quarters there, the vessel failed and the surviving naval personnel and guardsmen continued in smaller vessels until they arrived at Naris. The Zephyr was scuttled after the survivors carried anything valuable they could off the ship. Dehker, because of his leadership training at MSINA, was chosen as the highest ranking officer of the naval personnel until they arrived at Naris.

Notes: Was captured by heretics in a battle on the Zephyr. Rumored to have been forced to do tasks that would have corrupted the mind of any other guardsmen. He makes up for his experiences by being orderly (Must take monthly reports to a commissar or officer of higher rank for checkups on his mental stability)

-Naval Flak Armor
-Navy Fatigues and navy duty cap
-Captain's jacket (rank symbols have been removed)
-Cypra Mundi "Ironclaw" Shotgun - Plenty of shells
-Laspistol - 4 charge packs
-A rucksack containing: Large bottle of Raenka, Lho sticks, more ammo.
-Naval medals and emblems (kept extra shiny)
-Captain's dog tags and bolt pistol (kept in a hidden locked box)

High Concept: Definition of organized and orderly.
Trouble: Makes it known he is from the navy.
Aspect: Broken emotion, has seen more than a guardsman should.

Quick = +3
Careful = +2
Clever = +2
Flashy = +1
Forecful = +1
Sneaky = +0
: Sergeant Finbarr Ackerman, Trooper Jens Kozlev, Sergeant-At-Arms Nils Dehker,

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