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Just posting this here so I don't make a mess of stuff should I make more characters.

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Basic Info
Name: #9453/800-622 Heinrik Kailec
Nicknames: Mole Rat
Gender: M
Age: 24 Standard Terran Years
Height: 5'5" (170 cm)
Weight: 253 lbs (115 Kg)
Rank: (622) Unteroffizier ( Corporal – 2nd Engineer Squad)
Born: Vitae Womb #13, Medical Complex 13, Hive 08, Krieg, Segmentum Tempestus
Training: Krieg Siege Warfare Doctrine, Krieg Hand-to-Hand Doctrine, Krieg Engineer Doctrine
Regiment: 554th Krieg Infantry, Regiment Attachment: 9453rd Company, 2nd Engineer Platoon.
Language Spoken: Low Gothic, Kriegsprache

Forceful: +2
Flashy: +0
Clever: +3
Careful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1

One might look at #9453/800-622 and begin to think this is a normal Krieger amongst his giant brethren. They would be wrong of course, but he is drastically smaller than the rest of the 9453rd. Stocky in his shortness, his uniform doesn’t fit well, some places it is too big, and others it is too small. It is all rather well maintained as Krieg standards demand, but only ever seems complete when his matt black engineer armor is strapped on, which it normally is. If one was to see 800-622 without his gear on, they would see that he is a little paler than the average, a life spent in tunnels and the darker places leads to a much more pale complexion. He is bald, with a scar the runs down his left side of his face, the eye replaced by a bionic. There are other scars that dot his body, but all are covered up. A healed bullet wound there, a las burn there, and a whole lot of cuts. 800-622 is missing two fingers on his right hand that were replaced with bionics. 800-622 is rarely out of full combat uniform, only when he needs to bathe and sleep (though he sleeps with his chest plate and gas mask on).

#9453/800-622, Heinrik Kailec was engineered in the 945 experiment. He never stood out during the training and testing period. The only difference was that his section of the regiment were designed to be much shorter than their fellows due to the need of underground warfare specialists. The training spent much more time in training CQC, hand-to-hand, and other focus on tunnel warefare. #800 earned his numbers after a particular vicious training session where the tunnel that his squad was working on collapsed, and the “enemy” team breached into the pocket of survivors. Due to the vicious efficiency that #800 displayed in the extreme close quarters and then leading the remaining members of his squad to use the uniforms of his enemy to slip into the enemy base, he was raised into the forming 945th regiment. His record has him stated as always remaining a corporal. He was offered promotion on many occasions, but always turned it down saying, “he was most efficient where he was”.

When the 945th Experimental Program was declared a failure, #800 was placed in the 9458th Engineering Company. The 9458th was seconded to the 203rd Siege Regiment and sent to the Sigismund System in the Ultima Segmentum. The 203rd was ordered to assist in the defense of the hive planet Hastia, putting the 9458th Company to work in building a large section of underground mines for observational purposes, underground defense networks, and wider varieties of uses. Orders came down the proverbial grapevine that the regiment was preparing the hive to receive a small Tyranid tendril from Hive Fleet Kraken.

It was said that between the 203rd, the 989th, the 14th Siege Regiments, and the 88th Assault Regiment should have been able to hold off the tendril easily. Many of the officers even began to thing of it as a live fire training exercise compared to an actual fight. What descended on Hastia was far larger than some small tendril. What Imperial intelligence didn’t know until it was all over was that a tendril of Hive Fleet Hydra had engaged the Kraken tendril. The Hydra tendril was defeated and consumed, giving the Kraken tendril a large mass of much needed biomass. The sky rained spores as the Tyranids came in a massive wave. The battle for Hastia was vicious, long, and brutal. The 14th regiment were the first to fall. The hive section they were defending detonated a large cluster of nuclear warheads and overloaded the reactors of the hive. First it rained bugs, then it rained ash as the planet was covered in a nuclear winter.

The fighting quickly descended into the ground. While the Tyranids threw wave after wave of lesser creatures at the walls of the hives, they sent far more forces below ground to try to overwhelm the remaining defenders. The 9458 company was extremely busy through the several months of fighting. Traps filled corridors, mines were made, detonated, and reopened in the span of days. #800 by this time had suffered several wounds, but there wasn’t time to properly give them augmetics, the fighting was just continuous. Over months, the other regiments were destroyed or routed to the 203rd. Still the Tyranids came. It was on the eighth month of fighting that it seemed like the Tyranids were beginning to run out of steam. Less and less of the larger creatures were sighted, the assaults on the walls were happening less and less. Then, the final assault came.

It was like a tide. #800 was listening for any new Tyranid tunnels coming to breach the few remaining underground bunkers, when the ground around him began to shake. He knew it was going to be an extremely long day, but just maybe (Emperor willing) he might be able to catch some sleep when it was all said and done. Quickly falling back with the last of the company, which once numbered 1,200 engineers now though they were only 300 left, #800 told the survivors that the enemy was coming. The few bunkers that remained would each change hands/claws a total of eighteen times before the battle was brought to a dramatic close. The defenders had run out of heavy ordinance well into the assault on the planet, but the hive still had reactors. High command came to the conclusion that time was up, but the last of the swarm was pouring into hive. Marshal Chegorac gave the order for all remaining forces to retreat to extraction points. They were going to blow the city up with all the remaining bugs in it.

The 9458th were given orders to hold the remaining underground bunkers. There was no extraction coming for the deviants, but if any of them survived the end of the fighting they would be retrieved. #409-101 Captain Helthrec of the 4598th then made the most controversial order he could to some of his men. #800 and several others were to hold a bunker that the Tyranids weren’t attacking. They didn’t know it at the time, but Helthrec was sealing some of his men to survive the battle. When the doors closed behind them were very quickly sealed did the twenty men realize what was going on. #800 was amongst the few that were bashing on the door wanting to be let back in. If he was going to die, he wanted to die amongst his brothers and sisters. He had to be dragged away, screaming as he was.

The fighting still came to bunker 34-06, where the remnants were trying to hide. Several Ravenors broke through the reinforced walls, and the fighting was quick, and fully half of the remnants were dead, including all the upper leadership. When #800 realized that he had the chance to order the remaining men back into the fight, the company banner high, and the old regimental banner flying with it, the city exploded burying the last of the remnants.

It took days, and air was almost gone when the last ten men of 9458th Engineering Company were rescued by the last of the 203rd Siege Regiment. The Marshal had been a man of his word. Though, he was officially done with the 9458th. The parent regiment was officially disbanded and were heading back to Krieg to reform. The Marshal surveyed the remnants of the 9458th and wrote up official papers declaring the company destroyed. Then ten men were told of this and were given new orders. They were officially being transferred to the 9453rd, on a planet know as Valmaria. Their transport left in two hours, and it would be amongst the last group of troopers going to the planet. They better get moving.

Friends & Enemies
Enemies: Wide open spaces, heretics, Xenos Variant: Tyranid
Friends: Captain Johannes Wyss


-Lucius pattern Mk 22c Combat Shotgun, with axe bayonet, and butt spike
-Triplex Pattern "Fury" Assault Laspistol (2/2 Packs)
-Frag Grenades (2/2)
-Photon Flash Grenades (2/2)
-Smoke Grenades (4/4)
-Light Carapace Armour
-Melta Charge (1/1)

Clothing & Worn Gear
-Chrono Watch
-Combat Uniform (2/2)
-Ident Tag
-Micro Bead
-Photo Visor
-Poor Weather Gear
-Krieg Respirator

-Water Canteen
-Sandbag (2/2)

-Basic Toolkit
-Entrenching Tool 9-70
-Grooming Kit
-Trench Periscope
-Lamp Pack
-Mess Kit
-Heavy Duty Clippers (see heavy wire cutter)
-Auspex (Common Quality)
-Hand Held Detonator
-Detonator Cable Drum (200m in length)
-Geiger Counter (poor quality)
-Several notebooks
-Scrap metal
-Wire Spool (3/3, 30m in length)


High Concept: A cornered rat is the most dangerous.

Trouble: The dead weigh heavy on the living.

Aspect: Trap Adept

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