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Gender: Male

Age: 25?

Height: 10ft

Weight: Let’s call him “Husky” or “Well built”. Have you tried to weigh an Ogryn? Jog on!




History: Have you heard of the tale of "BADORK"? No one's sure if that's his name or if it's a particularly vulgar swearword from his world. But he answers to it either way. A lumbering great Ogryn who was as much a philosopher as he was a warrior (in his own special way).

By a curious clerical error BADORK (for one can only pronounce it as a bellow), found himself assigned to the Mordian 12th Armoured Regiment, much to the dismay of the regimental staff. What in the name of the Emperor were they going to do with him? This simply would not do, an Ogryn in the Mordian Iron Guard? Certainly not! However, all attempts to return or reassign BADORK were refused by the Departmento Munitorum. Yes they were aware of the error and they would rectify it as soon as the requisite paperwork had been sorted...however the backlog was currently sitting at about three centuries, give or take a decade. It would seem that there was nothing the Mordian 12th could do except find a use for him.

BADORK was, at first kept out of the way, relegated to fetch and carry for the regimental kitchens and other menial tasks. BADORK didn't mind, he was given three square meals a day and for him, the work was very easy. "Da bestest job for da bestest BADORK." he was overheard saying to no-one in particular.

His break, as it were, occurred during the Mordian 12th's actions on Nox. During a routine rest and refit Badork was tasked with lugging engine parts round the depot for the regiment's tanks. As he was going about his task BADORK stumbled across an infiltration party of enemy saboteurs. It took BADORK a few moments to realize these were enemy troops, that moment came when one of them tried to bayonet him and got the blade lodged in BADORK's back. Sentries, alerted by the screams of abject horror from the enemy found BADORK bashing the remaining saboteur to death with the engine block of a Leman Russ battle tank.

BADORK was visited by one of the senior officers of the Regiment and was congratulated for his diligence. BADORK didn't understand half of the fancy words the officer said, but when the man asked him if there was anything he wanted by way of reward BADORK knew instantly what he needed. He promptly took the peaked cap off the officer's head and put it on his own. "BADORK a proper Mordian now!" he said with a grin. Not daring to earn the wrath of BADORK, the officer, wisely, let the Ogryn keep the hat. Realising the potential in BADORK, the officer assigned him as his personal bodyguard, a duty BADORK took very seriously, almost to a fault (there was that one incident with the Lord Militant...but I hear he's doing very well these days, can even feed himself I'm told.)

No one really knows what happened to Trooper Vaylon Glinth, the soldier the Mordians were supposed to get...though I did hear of an Ogryn squad that had a mascot they called "Ickle George" but that really is a rumour and not to be taken as Ecclesiastical Gospel.

I saw the beast once, being cajoled and prodded into the back of a Chimera...terrifyimg it was, of the seven soldiers who tried to push him in, 3 ended up in the medicae with broken ribs, 2 with major head injuries and one now has a prothetic arm. And all the time BADORK was yelling "Ders no Candy in dere! NO CANDY!"

-Excerpt from Personal Communiques of Throne Agent Titus Grope

Friends: What da boss says! – Will follow orders like a good boy should

Enemies: Boss says da bad guys and da dark places – Tell him who the enemy is and BADORK will do his best to beat them to death, and don’t try to put him in a confined or dark place, not if you value your life and limbs.

Stuff and Things:
Mordian peaked cap
Ogryn sized armored shield (actually a bulkhead door ripped from a Frigate, but we'll just move on from that STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!)
Large solid metal club
Teddy for bedtime
Ogryn approved primer (picture book)
Name tag, reads: BADORK, if found alone please return to nearest Commissariat Official

High Concept: Da Boss says, I does! – Loyalty to the Emperor and his "ickle helpers" (Commissars and Officers)
Trouble: Clevver ickle BADORK – He’s smarter than the average Ogryn, which can sometimes lead to him taking the initiative…disastrously.
Aspect: BADORK is big, BADORK haz smarts, piss me off and we see how good your armor is – Don’t underestimate BADORK, he is smarter than you give him credit, and his temper is quick to flare.

- Careful +1
- Clever 0
- Flashy +1
- Forceful +3
- Quick +2
- Sneaky +2
Doing the work of the Emperor is its own reward.


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