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Name: Enginseer Scrawl
Age: Null Value
Gender: Male Adeptus Mechanicus
Rank: Enginseer

DATE ++ 056.002 M42
TASK ++ Rendezvous with Imperial Unit 68th Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment located on Planet,
INSERTION ++ Orbital landing via local Dropship to Valmaria capital.

TYPE ++ Agriworld, Key orbital drop station transit point
LANDMASS ++ Many small islands, Largest is Naris at approx 300km wide and 500km tall
TERRAIN - TARGET CONTINENT ++ Temparate Forest, mountainous
WEATHER ++ Varied
TEMP ++ 20c to -16c, Cold weather gear recommended for more northern posts
GRAVITY ++ .98 Terras

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE ++ Rendezvous with 68th Vostroyan Firstborn
SECONDARY OBJECTIVE ++ Locate Vostroyan camp
TERTIARY OBJECTIVE ++ Confirm with local Command Mission Coordinates and Planet Name

Languages Spoken: Low Gothic, High Gothic, Binary,
Regiment: Currently assigned to 68th Vostroyan Firstborn on Valmaria
Standing tall, this young Enginseer has chosen to use as much of his organic frame as possible, to better assist and aid as technical Advisory to the Regiment. To allow for more mobile defense and offense, only minimal modifications such as temperature resistance and biomechanical implants for finer access to Auspex control.

Personality: Goal oriented, Prime Directive currently extermination of Xenos until Rendezvous with assigned Regiment.

Friends: Null Value

High Concept: Valmaria will eventually have a 68th Vostroyan, all I must do is wait.
A Trouble: The 68th Firstborn may not even exist anymore.
An Aspect: Imperial Orders are infallible. I must be early.

Careful +2
Clever +2
Flashy +0
Forceful +1
Quick +3
Sneaky +1

Read Cloak
Integrated Lathe-Laspistol - Attached to right shoulder
Auspex - hand tuned to Scrawl's prefrences
1 Knife
Modified Chest + flak armor (under cloak)
water canteen
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer - given by local quarter master when notified Scrawl is here to assist the 68th Vostroyan Firstborn. Not notified why.

basic toolkit - shares pack with personal medkit
mess kit

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